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And 2023 is quickly drawing to an end! Boca do Lobo wouldn’t close the year without revealing the biggest trends in interior design for 2024, of course. In 2023, we’ve seen the return of traditional styles and concepts like feng shui and Japandi, as well as fads like quiet luxury and cottagecore. It’s time to look ahead and find the designs that will capture our hearts in the upcoming year. Though design fads come and go, we want you to create a house that you can grow into over time, even as your tastes do. Discover all there is to know about the interior design trends that will be popular in 2024 by reading this article.

Boca do Lobo’s New Arrivals For 2024

Replace your filler words with conversation openers. With the rise of sculptural furniture, even the simplest side table can have a significant impact.


Warm neutral colour schemes for 2024 are influenced by the development of Scandi-inspired design, which went from being cool and minimalist to cosy and cocooning. The earthy beiges, modern off-whites, and taupes that go so nicely with the organic materials and understated decor of Scandinavian homes are (finally) replacing greys.


We now value one XL piece over a group of armchairs and two-seaters. Many feature hidden ottoman storage for an incredibly frugal use of space, and flexible components that mirror our ever-changing lifestyles.


There’s a true comeback to comfort and relaxation with the new sofa silhouettes. Armrests and backs have been lowered, and cushions have been progressively more mushy and sink-in.


When talking about interior design, certain techniques and elements possess the unique ability to transport us to another world, blending culture, history, and artistry into one seamless experience. Boca do Lobo has masterfully revived the art of hand-painted tiles (azulejos) – an intrinsic aspect of Portuguese architecture and cultural identity.


Although boucle sofas, accent chairs, and pouffes have been in style for a while, its blend of cosiness and warmth makes it the ideal fabric for a bedroom.


A desire for all things retro has been stoked by the long overdue migration of vintage and antique vendors online, with the optimism and free-spiritedness of the 1970s retaining particular appeal. For their nods to the past, dark woods, lacquered surfaces, shaggy imitation fur rugs, and low-to-the-ground furniture are preferred.


The expanding trend of self-care rooms in interior design led to the emergence of the “spathroom,” or spa-inspired bathroom. In 2024, opulent spa-like finishes like stone, quartz, and marble are replicated in bathrooms, while mood lighting, lots of candles, and fluffy robes all add to the tranquil atmosphere.

luxury bathroom with an exquisite designed bathtub and washbasin from the same design; exclusive designed mirror and a marble side table with golden detailsluxury bathroom with an exquisite designed bathtub and washbasin from the same design; exclusive designed mirror and a marble side table with golden details

Purchasing vintage and antique furniture is frequently a quick and easy way to furnish a house with character and charm, and a recent influx of internet retailers and apps is making the process even simpler.


Incorporating heritage elements may involve blending traditional materials, patterns, or motifs with contemporary design elements, creating spaces that resonate with a sense of history and authenticity.


When applied to a lacquered surface, even whites and creams can look bold and stunning. Lacquered finishes are a superb way to lift colour.


Pink has been resurfacing in interior design gradually, helped along only by the success of the Barbie film. However, the real world is significantly more restrained, preferring a natural clay, reddish mauve, or whisper delicate pink.

Thrilled to remake your interior design in 2024?

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