julho 22, 2024

A workspace companion should be a transformative product that enhances your productivity, comfort, and overall workspace aesthetics. Crafted with adaptability in mind and driven by the vision of Vestel, here’s a dynamic 32-inch touchscreen display designed with the only vision: personalized workspace experience!

Adaptability and comfort are paramount today, especially when a large section of the global workforce is working from home. To that accord, ‘Take a Rest’ – designed for Vestel – emerges as the ultimate addition to your home workspace. This innovative screen, attached to a support rising from the floor, effortlessly blends with your existing setup, catering to a wide range of desk styles and preferences.

Designer: İbrahim Can Erdinçmer and Vestel

Crafted with ingenuity in mind, Take a Rest is made to snugly fit beside any existing work desk or function as a standalone display. Its ergonomic architecture, foot bar on the stand, and height-adjustable screen offer flexibility to users of varying heights, and together ensure optimal working comfort, so you stay productive for longer hours without discomfort.

That’s not all, the most exciting aspect about ‘Take a Rest’ hides within it, literally. The screen incorporates a sliding magnetic board that can securely hold your iPhone or documents, sliding conveniently behind the screen when not in use. This not only helps you stay organized but also keeps your workspace clutter-free.

The brainchild of designer İbrahim Can Erdinçmer, Take a Rest includes a camera and front speaker bar on the top, which make video calls a breeze with colleagues, friends, or family. The talented designer, working as part of the Vestel Electronics ID Team, developed the innovative concept for Vestel’s exhibition at IFA in Berlin.

What sets Take a Rest apart from conventional workspace accessories, and probably earns it the name, is its integration of interior design elements. The product incorporates a tranquil fabric shade to cover the display when not in use. This adds a touch of serenity and blends with your living environment, while elevating your workspace to be more inviting, comfortable, and customizable.

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