maio 21, 2024

Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) had a stellar lineup at the virtual launch event for CES 2023 and a gaming chair for mobile gamers is one accessory everyone wanted to see.

Mobile gaming is on the rise in the last couple of years and is estimated to grow given the focus on developing gaming phones capable of running console-quality AAA titles. The ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair slots in perfectly as mobile gamers tend to keep searching for that ergonomic comfort zone that gives them the tactical edge in competitive or even casual gaming with buddies.

Designer: Asus

In a world filled with dedicated gaming chairs like the Razer Enki. Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody, Secretlab Omega or Cougar Explore S; the ROG’s new mobile gaming chair wants to plug in the gap left by others. One thing is not surprising though; the chair has a dual head, dual lumbar, and padded arm support for long sessions of gaming without making the user feel tired. To ensure you give 100% attention to the in-game action and nothing else, the chair has a detachable acoustic panel to shield gamers from any visual distractions. It also provides active noise reduction by creating an acoustic barrier.

Asus ROG has opted for a cyborg-styled exoskeletal design for that Cyberpunk appeal. The function is also primal here, as the armrest can be raised by up to 14 cm to have maximum flexibility when it comes to positioning the arms optimally for FPS, racing or strategy games. Add to that the ability to rotate the armrest 360 degrees, and you’re set to gain a lasting advantage. Predictably the aluminum frame chair has a versatile seat adjustment option, breathable mesh and premium PU foam for no-frills support and comfort.

ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair weighing 25 kg is capable of cocooning a person weighing up to 150kg in total immersion for uninterrupted gaming frenzy. Whether that amount of mobile gaming is good for you is still a question for another day though. For now, those who like the idea of a dedicated mobile gaming chair already need to keep an eye on this one in the next couple of months. There’s no word on the price or availability as of now but the gaming chair should be up for grabs soon.

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