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The key to a great dinner party isn’t just an amazing host, and excellent food, sometimes it can be a bunch of impressive barware as well! Picking the right barware is always a task – since it needs to be elegant, functional, sophisticated, and yet super practical. And this is where the award-winning product design company Sempli swoops in! Based in LA, California, Sempli combines the best of two worlds – Sweden’s simple and minimal functionality with Italy’s timeless elegance and style. Sempli’s drinkware designs are hand-blown, crafted with perfection, and designed to be both entertaining and practical. From a seamless swirling glass that helps in the oxygenation of your favorite drink of choice to a collection of flat-bottomed glasses ideal for drinking beer – Sempli’s expansive and impressive drinkware collection will have you fumbling to purchase them!

1. Sempli Monti-Taste Set

Sempli created the Monti-Taste Set for beer connoisseurs who take their glass of beer extremely seriously! The set celebrates and pays a tribute to the various craft beers, and their unique tastes and individuality. Four distinct glasses were designed for four distinct types of beers, in an attempt to elevate the drinking experience. The Monti-Birra is a straight-sided beer glass, that perfectly holds your 12 oz beer. Featuring a conical inverted bottom, the glass instantly catches that initial splash of beer and allows for the foam to frothily gather on the surface. Next in line is the Monti-Pint which is meant to serve pints as its name signifies. The Monti-Pils was created for Pilsners and features a  tall and lean body that enhances the carbonation in the Pilsners, maintaining a longer effervescence. Lastly, the Monti-IPA is a fun zig-zag-shaped glass with unique angled ridges and is ideal for serving hoppy IPA brews.

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2. Sempli Incanter

Do you love infusing your favorite spirits from time to time? Well, then the Sempli Incanter is the product for you! Created using their signature spinning bottom, the Sempli Incanter is an excellent incanter crafted from lead-free crystal, and it allows you to make your own special liquid infusion with the ingredients of your choice! You can concoct a strawberry-infused vodka, a peach-infused bourbon, or even a gourmet raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing – the possibilities and potential of the Incanter are endless! All you need to do is fill the glass decanter with the liquor of your choice. You, then pick your favorite infusion ingredients and add them to the inserting tube. You cap the tube with the silicone stopper, insert it into the decanter, and spin away. As the flavors fuse together, you’ll get a unique fusion every time you use the decanter! You can spin the decanter to add an element of fun or let it rest on coasters for infusions that take a longer period of time to get ready.

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3. Sempli Cupa-Rocks ICE

Designed as a part of Sempli’s ICE Collection, the Cupa-Rocks ICE are basically the beloved Cupa glasses with an eye-catching frosted finish. The Cupa-Rocks ICE are two compact tumblers in a gift box. Both the tumblers have been hand-blown, to enhance the sensory pleasure, and elevate the experience of drinking whisky or brandy. Once set down, the minimal yet sophisticated glasses create a swirling rotation, which assists in the aeration of your favorite fine spirit, and provides the drinker with a rather aromatic and pleasurable experience. The glasses have been constructed to fit perfectly in your hand, and the glasses work naturally and efficiently to keep your beverage warm. Called the ‘perfect pour’ for brandy or whisky, you can fill the Cupa-Rocks ICE tumblers to their waist – which is 6 cl.

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4. Sempli Vaso Vino

If you’re a wine fanatic and love serving wine at your dinner parties, then this beautiful wine decanter by Sempli is the one for you! Called, the Vaso-Vino, and designed by Daniele ‘Danne’ Semeraro for Sempli, this hand-blown spinning decanter is created to especially aerate your favorite wine in an innovative and exceptional manner. It can effortlessly accommodate a 750ml bottle of wine – whether white or red. Crafted from a lead-free crystal, the Vaso-Vino features a unique and intriguing conical construction that produces a swirling rotation when set down, this in turn assists in the oxygenation of the wine. Measuring 7.75″ in height, and 6.5″ in diameter, the Vaso Vino weighs 38 oz, and is recommended to be washed by hand, and used to serve your favorite wine at your next dinner party!

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5. Sempli Sini Nesting Bowls

Crafted from lead-free crystal, the Sini Nesting Bowls by Sempli are cleverly, and mind you, beautifully designed nesting bowls, that are refined, elegant, and clean. Designed by Daniele ‘Danne’ Semeraro, the nesting bowls are perfect for holding your party snacks, and munchies while your guests and you sip on drinks at your next dinner party! You can pair the Sini Nesting Bowls with the Cupa Lift trays to create an intriguing and elegant table setup that your guests will totally drool over. They are available in 4”, 5” or 6” variations, and are recommended to be washed by hand.

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