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The mirror-sink unit plays a key role in transforming the bathroom into a stylish space that is perfect for relaxation. The sink is available in numerous designs, such as twin basins for shared bathrooms, freestanding units, wall-mounted sinks, and under-counter and over-the-counter sinks, while the mirror is available in framed and frameless versions. Discover some elegant mirror sink units and choose the one that is best suited for your home.

Designer: Better Bathrooms

1. Soothing Colors

The mirror-sink unit fits into one side of this compact bathroom and provides utility without taking up much space. The sink is combined with the back panel of the WC, and the projection that accommodates the concealed flush is enough to house a slim base cabinet alongside a sleek countertop. The contrasting hues of Prussian blue cabinetry and pastel-hued walls along with the tiles create a soothing and restful vibe.

2. Cool Blue

Designer: Iya Turabelidze

Just see how a blue countertop incorporates the sink and storage and transforms into a showstopper feature in this grey and white-hued bathroom while the blue rim of the mirror complements the countertop and completes the look. The mirror is strategically divided into three sections where the center features an arched mirror, while the sides incorporate mirrors that mimic open window panes.

3. Incorporate Backlighting

Designer: Appliances Direct

The circular mirror incorporates white backlighting and highlights the grey backsplash featuring a herringbone pattern of tiles. The golden sink and faucet infuse glamour and it is set on an olive green base, creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

4. Luxurious Mirror

Designer: Tineke Triggs

An oval mirror stands out with a golden frame that adds a tactile quality to the bathroom decor as it looks beautiful against the patterned mosaic backdrop of tiles. It is complemented by a set of two bracket lights on either side of the mirror to provide uniform lighting. The wooden cabinetry with golden handles and rectangular profile sections on the shutters adds a touch of glamour to the overall look.

5. Decorative Mirror

Designer: Two Bears Studio

The decorative Venetian mirror breaks away from the conventional style and shapes of mirrors and makes a striking feature in this bathroom. It stands out against the brick wall, adding an eye-catching touch to the overall design, and complements the cabinetry in earthy hues of grey and brown.

6. Waterfall Sink

Designers: Johan Kauppi and Eumar

The curved trough sink looks graceful and is a perfect fit for a contemporary bathroom when combined with a minimal mirror, as in this example. The water flows through the sink’s slide-like formation to mimic a waterfall. It creates a striking design feature that beautifully complements the terracotta-colored wall.

7. Functional Minimalism

Designer: Matty Design

The minimalist bathroom is elevated by neutral-hued walls while a floating countertop intersects with a section of an oval mirror, which is backlit to create a clean and sublime visual effect. This bathroom is highly functional with provision for a washing machine and adequate shelves for storage.

8. Captivating Sink

Designer: Falper

The mirror-sink unit features an interesting contrast of shapes where the elongated, curvaceous sink visually extends the bathroom. The round mirror complements the organic form of the basin to create an innovative composition.

9. An Organic-shaped Mirror

Designer: Laura Calleeuw

The mirror features an uncommon organic shape and deviates from the conventional circular, square, or rectangular mirror designs. It also complements the monochromatic look of the bathroom decor.

10. Botanical Backsplash

Designer: berg.interior

A composition of three differently-sized circular mirrors on a botanical backsplash in soothing hues adds plenty of character and stands out in the calming beige tones of the bathroom interiors. The touch of gold in the mirror frame, faucets, and hardware infuses a luxurious vibe into the overall look of the bathroom.

11. Tactile Surface

The backlit mirror provides soft, diffused lighting, and the stone-finished back wall adds subdued elegance and a touch of understated glamour. The countertop sits at a lower height, incorporating the sink within a marble cuboid that imbues an organic and earthy charm into the space.

12. Playful Color Scheme

Designer: Ume Illustration

Hues of orange on the countertop and door combine with the green tiled walls to add plenty of color and offer a youthful and trendy look to the overall scheme.

13. Twin Vanity

Designer: Jasmin Kodzha

Twin or shared bathrooms come with generous space and can easily accommodate a twin mirror-sink combo with identical mirrors and sleek storage. Textured marble is used in the backdrop to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal while the jute rug adds a touch of character and completes the ensemble.

14. Sinuous Surfaces

Designer: Zemberek Design

A dramatic contrast is achieved with an oval mirror positioned behind the small round sink and semi-circular countertop. The soothing color palette of earthy green and grey adds to the overall décor while the elevated grey façade strategically incorporates bracket lights and the oval mirror to give the bathroom a distinct character.

15. Bold Contrast

Desginer: Usine Studio

Just see how the black tiles are characterized with a herringbone pattern in white and continue as wall cladding to cover half of the wall and contrast with the burnt orange walls. A red table base supports the stone-finished sink in black and a similar color is used for the minimalistic side table for holding bathroom accessories.

16. Hexagonal Patterns

A floating countertop with provisions for two drawers holds the rectangular over-the-counter sink. Hexagonal tiles in pink hues form the backdrop of the circular mirror and are randomly placed to create an interesting composition against the backdrop of a grey-hued wall.

17. Pastel Hues

Designer: Gemini Tiles

In this pastel-hued bathroom, the double wall is in peach, and the niche is clad in white marble incorporating the mirror-sink unit. A light blue base supports the peach color sink and a circular mirror connects to the double wall with a bluish-grey band. The cactus and succulent add color to the bathroom décor.

18. Earthy Vibes

Designer: Moamen Mahmoud Mano

The bathroom exudes an earthy and warm ambiance and is reminiscent of a spa-like retreat. The unfinished look of the walls beautifully complements the solid wood vanity and incorporates stone finish sinks. Additionally, circular mirrors are fixed within arched niches and visually combine with gold faucets and patterned tiles to add a sophisticated touch.

19. Backlit Onyx

Designer: Antarya Design

Use backlit onyx to enhance the ambiance of the bathroom with a golden touch as the stone’s translucent form radiates warmth. Onyx is a stunning fine-grained stone with distinctive patterns and is available in various shades of yellow, brown, green, black, white, red, and more. Its uniqueness lies in the rich layers and veining naturally formed over millennia via the growth and deposition of silica materials like quartz and moganite.

20. Sophisticated Glamour

In this elegant and modern powder room, the counter’s sleek lines and the captivating illumination along the rim of the egg-shaped mirror form a stunning combination. The dark backdrop behind the mirror, along with the black and white floor patterns, adds gravitas to the overall design of the bathroom.

21. Warmth With Wood

The bathroom exudes an earthy character due to the use of wood, natural stone, and diffused lighting. The organic-style mirror resembles a flowing river in between the wood, while the freestanding sink is reminiscent of a monolithic stone.

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