maio 20, 2024

Honestly, I’m team stools over chairs, and I think it’s high time you guys shift to the other side as well! Although stools are overlooked way more than they deserve to be, they’re actually super functional and ergonomic furniture designs. They’re compact, and a great space-saving furniture option for our modern homes. They are also super portable! But I will admit, the stools available on the market aren’t the prettiest brunch. But this is where the Fels stool by OUT greatly differs!

Designer: OUT

Designed by the German brand OUT, the Fels stool is excellent for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it’s been crafted from wood, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly piece of furniture. Secondly, although it is built from wood, it looks as if it’s been carved from stone! This instantly gives the stool a rather sophisticated and luxurious look to it, despite being made from a simple material – wood. It looks more like a sculpture than a piece of furniture, to be honest. And thirdly, it can also be used as a side table!

“Fels is a form study that requires a special amount of time and sensitivity in the production process,” said OUT. “As in sculpture, the associative form is gradually worked out of the material.” The brand says that Fels was created by combining three major elements – nature, craftsmanship, and “the Berlin State of Mind”. They wanted to revamp wood and provide it with a refreshed sense of perspective and appearance, by treating it the way one would stone.  They managed to give wood an exciting makeover while retaining the characteristics about it that everyone loves so much for ages galore!

The Fels stool has been specially handcrafted in Germany, using wood that has been sourced from sustainable forests. This also manages to add more points to the sustainability section of the stool! The stool’s funky aesthetics have been further amplified by providing it in a range of diverse and bold colors, which allow the wood grain to comfortably show through. It can also be ordered with a natural finish. The Fels stool’s unique and playful form and the choice of contemporary colors definitely make this stool a quirky yet fun buy!

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