maio 21, 2024

With offices opening up, we need excellent furniture pieces that provide immense functionality and effortlessly blend into the workspace. And one such furniture design is the Worklab. Italian design studio Baldanzi and Novelli designed the Worklab mobile office divider for Narbutas which provides a multi-functional element to modern-day workspaces. It combines multiple elements such as a media wall, mobile workstation, whiteboard, space, divider, and shelving unit.

Designer: Baldanzi and Novelli for Narbutas

The highly customizable furniture design is available in a wide range of colors, finishes, accessories, and side panels which come in an option of perforated metal or upholstery. The two combine to provide an intriguing visual elevation to the workplace. It has been equipped with castors, so you can easily move it from one place to another in the office, wherever the need arises. It features a pretty portable design! It creates a private space, or provides a division between spaces. It’s been crafted from metal for sturdy durability.

“It is a handy tool for managing the flow of people and presentation of services, making it ideal for educational institutions, libraries, banks, and post offices,” said Narbutas. Besides providing an element of privacy, the Worklab is also pretty great in these COVID-19-stricken times, since it creates space between the working areas of employees, reducing the risk of contamination. The Worklab is also quite versatile since it can be used for public spaces and creative workshops as well, not just office spaces. The design’s modern aesthetics allow it to effortlessly blend with different spaces.

You can use Worklab as a conference wall, whiteboard, temporary workplace, or shelf, or use it to create a private space wherever it is needed the most. It transforms your workspace into a flexible, active, and adaptable environment that can adapt to the constantly changing needs of employees. “The idea arose from the need to have a dynamic workspace and to break free from orderly office schemes. It has been designed to fit in all those spaces that need to be modified on demand,” said Baldanzi & Novelli. Worklab is excellent for modern-day office spaces, especially for those that need a dash of dynamism, flux, and innovation.

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