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By their very name and nature, side tables often take a secondary role in a room. Some might even be hidden in corners or obstructed by other furniture. They do serve a purpose, of course, often as a temporary surface to put down phones, books, or cups. But when they aren’t in use, they can get in the way or be wasted space, especially if they’re not particularly noteworthy in terms of visual appeal. This foldable side table is already attractive when standing on its own, but you might still want to fold it away and hang it up on a wall anyway because it can add a dash of sophistication to the area as an aesthetic piece of modern wall art.

Designer: Vico Magistretti (Original), Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces (Remaster)

The original Florian was already quite an oddity when it first appeared in 1989. A foldable side table was most likely rare and unconventional, but one that had two or even three tabletops was a peculiar embellishment that is uncommon even by today’s standards. What really made it special, though, is the fact that it looked so beautiful even when folded up that you could hang it on a wall, and none would be wiser that it was actually a functional side table rather than a modern artwork of circles and lines.

The 2021 remaster retains the original’s structure but adjusts the size for modern lifestyles while also expanding the color selection for a wider range of aesthetic tastes. The frame is still made with ash wood, now joined by visually contrasting brass mechanisms. The new colors now include mustard yellow, dark green, and brick red; all lacquered to give the side table wall art an eye-catching sheen.

There is a fourth color that feels like the union of past and present. The brushed veneer black ash is closer to the original Florian while still giving off a more contemporary vibe. The way it shows the wood’s natural veins even after treatment makes it an ideal “open-pore” display on your wall.

Whether standing as a two-layer side table holding your cups and books or hanging on a wall to enhance the room’s ambiance, the Florian demonstrates how a design can be timeless and enchanting even after decades. The table’s simple shapes combined with its ingenious folding mechanism bring a piece of furniture that is both functional and decorative in all its forms. You definitely won’t go wrong with this side table, and it might even amaze your guests when you take down what they presumed is just a wall decoration and turn it into a table for their use.

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