maio 21, 2024

Tiny homes and small apartments have become increasingly popular today, as people are beginning to prefer more modest and compact accommodations. Of course, the other fact is that smaller apartments are more widely available and more economical too. You can’t expect to fit full-sized complex kitchens in our modern-day cramped apartments, and this is where we need well-designed kitchen islands that occupy minimum space while providing maximum functionality. And the bathroom brand Falper is here to help us! Falper has dipped its toes into kitchen design with the Small Living Kitchens concept. With the Small Living Kitchens, Falper wanted to transform the experience of kitchens in small homes. It includes islands that are designed to make tiny kitchens feel spacious and luxurious. It brings the sophisticated layouts of larger kitchens to small homes in a more compact and streamlined form.

Designer: Falper

Falper worked alongside designer Andrea Federici to create the Small Living Kitchens. The units can be placed into compact spaces starting from 2.5 square meters. It has been equipped with three elements – islands, storage units, and tall units. These elements can be configured in multiple different ways, according to your need and requirement. It also comes in three models. Two of them are crafted using stainless steel and wood, or colored lacquer surfaces, and the third one is built using marble.

Falper describes the Small Living Kitchen as a simple and rational concept, and the minimal and clean system comes in three different sizes. It can be customized with both a built-in hob, and sink, or either one of them. You can pick the combination that suits your kitchen needs. The hob is available in both gas and induction.

The Small Living Kitchen is designed to merge harmoniously with all kinds of homes and apartments. It flows elegantly and naturally into any adjoining living space, making it ideal for homes with open-plan layouts! The Small Living Kitchen is an excellent option for tiny homes since it has been equipped with all the amenities one finds in a large-scale full-fledged kitchen while managing to occupy the bare minimum space one can expect a kitchen to occupy.

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