abril 23, 2024

Fridays bring a sense of joy for the upcoming weekend, and perhaps the odd home party which calls for local snacks or fast food from the popular restaurant. You pick up the phone to order food like there’s no tomorrow and wait for the home delivery to arrive.

When the courier arrives with your food, everyone has their eyes lit up. But the person who brought home your delivery safely on time looks exhausted and disoriented.

Designer: Anastasia Berg

The motive of this concept cargo bike as the main project by Anastasia at HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences is to be more considerate about the comfort of delivery personnel around the world who go through chalk and cheese on the city streets to ship your home deliveries every single day without fail.

Taking Berlin as an example of food deliveries in a safe and healthy manner for the delivery personnel is the motive of this student project. Another major consideration is the need for dedicatedly designed cargo two-wheelers for food deliveries in the modern age. For the most part, such food deliveries are made using regular bikes or electric bicycles in the city.

This is D-VIL e-bike concept that takes into account every aspect of food delivery in cities. Things such as the need for riders/corporate offices, big companies, repairability, durability, recyclability and robustness. Some inherent problems with delivering food in crowded cities include the size of the bike, its agility while carrying stuff like bottles or heavy groceries, the need to constantly look at the phone for directions, and at times inclement weather conditions. All this creates a feeling of uneasiness and danger in the subconscious of the delivery person.

One undeniable disadvantage is constantly carrying backpacks in case there is no attached storage box with the vehicle. This can lead to long-term health problems. Other than that, it creates a restriction in traffic and hampers the driving experience. Add to all these problems the pressure of delivering things on time and the whole thing feels like a herculean task every single time around. Battery-powered D-VIL to an extent aims to get over all these problems with its array of the control panel, lights and cameras, and dedicated luggage compartment.

The glass roof on top provides protection from unpredictable weather conditions without losing out on the feeling of airiness while driving. For better stability, the rear wheel is a combination of two wheels joined together with a swingarm module, reinforced by an impressive suspension. Overall, the electric cargo bike has a more modern feel to it, just look at that driving panel and interior upholstery.

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