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Travel Guitars have existed for a while, but Natasha finally brings them to the mainstream with its Smart Guitar.

The concept of a Travel Guitar or a Silent Guitar is fairly clever. Acoustic guitars rely on resonance to play music, and electric guitars rely on amplifiers to power them… so what do you do when you just want to quietly play to yourself without disturbing people around you? A travel guitar was designed for just this purpose, allowing you to pretty much play just for yourself by plugging a pair of headphones in. The guitar is also characterized by a relatively hollow design, allowing you to travel easily with it. The Natasha Smart Travel Guitar, however, comes with a few extra tricks up its sleeve including effect and mode presets, and connectivity with smartphones (with a dedicated app for effects, recording, looping, etc.), all wrapped into a gorgeous all-black design made from bamboo wood, along with a solar system-inspired fretboard that has these adorable planetary motifs painted on the marked frets.

Designer: Natasha

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The guitar’s travel-friendly design is perhaps its biggest highlight. Borrowing from the unique style of Yamaha’s Silent Guitars, the Natasha Bamboo Smart Travel Guitar (it’s a bit of a mouthful) is a sleek little beast, and comes with a pretty linear design, from body to headstock. All the electronics and the battery are fitted into the main body of the guitar, while the strings continue down the fretboard to the headstock where the tuning keys are located. However, this doesn’t make for the most ergonomic setup, which is why the guitar comes with two curved wood elements that plug into the top and bottom, giving it a traditional guitar silhouette and a more ergonomic feel. They plug in during playtime, but unplug when you need to travel with your guitar, helping save a fair amount of space.

The Starry Sky edition of the guitar sports planets on the fretboard

The Natasha Smart Travel Guitar opens up when you want to travel with it

Spiritually, the guitar is closer to an electric guitar than an acoustic one. It works off a 2000mAh battery that powers the internal processor that gets the guitar running, and while electric guitars don’t really run entirely on their own, the beauty of this Travel Guitar is exactly the fact that it works independently without any amplifier to power its electric signal. That being said, the guitar still needs an audio output for you to ‘hear’ what you’re playing. That could be a pair of wired headphones, a speaker with an aux cable, amps with Bluetooth receivers, or even your AirPods via your smartphone.

The Natasha Smart Travel Guitar rocks its own internal sound processor (powered by its own SoC) with pre-amp/post-fader EQ adjustment, built-in effects and tone presets, and an onboard tuner. All you do is switch it on, hook in your headphones, and you can begin playing once you’ve tweaked and adjusted to get the sound you’re looking for. The 2000mAh battery also gives you a staggering 20 hours of play-time.

However, if you’re looking to squeeze a bit more out of your guitar, a USB-C port on the top of its body has you covered. You can connect your smart guitar to a phone running Natasha’s own companion app. The app unlocks an entire world of potential for your guitar, allowing you to access a whole new library of effects that you can layer on to get the sound you want. Once you’re happy, you can record pieces directly within the app, cut/trim/loop them, and even play with a drum machine to add rhythm to your compositions. The entire experience elevates the very idea of guitar playing to something much more rounded and holistic. As a guitarist, the very idea that you don’t need an expensive setup, an accompanying band, or even a laptop to play mini-concerts and gigs seems incredibly freeing. All you need is a guitar, a pair of headphones, and a smartphone to go from practicing and jamming to actual music production. It also helps that the guitar you’re playing looks less like a clunky wooden chamber and more like a slick, star-studded sound-machine…

The Natasha Smart Travel Guitar: Starry Sky Edition starts at $497, offering a lot more functionality than even Yamaha’s silent guitars that can go all the way up to $1500. The guitar is perfect for beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals looking to solo-jam, travel, and extract the most from minimal equipment. The guitar ships with a gig bag for carrying your instrument in, a receiver for amplifiers, an Allen wrench for repairs or to adjust the truss rod, as well as a Type-C cable with a USB and a lightning adapter.

Click Here to Buy Now: $497 $800 (38% Off) Hurry! Less than 3 Days left!

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