abril 23, 2024

Different people have different needs and tolerances for temperature. What might be room temperature for one could be uncomfortably warm for another. Some easily get cold, while others might need the fan or A/C to be at full blast in front of them. This variety of needs means achieving the perfect temperature inside a room to satisfy everyone is next to impossible. At the same time, catering to each and every preference is also impractical, given the limitations in space for multiple appliances. That’s the kind of problem that this idea for an indoor drone is trying to solve, making everyone inside your house feel comfortable and happy with the air temperature that’s catered specifically for them.

Designer: Miray Ozlem ER

It might be hard to imagine right now, but the houses of the future might be filled with robots of different kinds. We’re already familiar with the rolling cans that are robot vacuum cleaners, but there might come a day when small robot drones will also be flying around inside. Drone AC is envisioned as one such self-flying robot, and its sole purpose is to control people’s emotions through scents and hot or cold air.

In a nutshell, the idea for Drone AC is for this quadcopter to fly around the house, scanning people’s body temperatures and then blowing hot or cold air in their direction to either raise or lower that body temperature to more comfortable levels. It also has functionality to spread scents like an aroma diffuser, and its ability to fly could make it more effective in spreading that pleasant smell around the house.

Most of these functions are automated, controlled by a combination of sensors and algorithms. It can even fly back to its wall-mounted dock when it needs to recharge before it actually drops to a critical level. The only manual intervention that humans need to do is to put in water to cool the air.

While the Drone AC concept sounds and looks fantastic, and there might be a slim chance that such drones will indeed exist in the distant future, the current design leaves a few concerns. A quadcopter will naturally affect the airflow around the drone, so that might also affect the efficacy of blowing hot or cold air in a certain direction. Having the water refill area so close to the drone’s charging port also seems to be inviting trouble. The design does spark the imagination of how the house of the future will look like and how our lives could be more comfortable and more enriching with intelligent products like this.

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