julho 22, 2024

There are very few ambitious hikers who have not twisted their ankle. Some may escape with slight pain, while others have career-defining injuries. But everyone on an outdoor adventure always runs the risk of twisting or spraining the ankle.

As adventurers out on meandering trails more often than on tar, we need a pair of durable boots with substantial outside traction and general responsiveness to avert injuries. Stepping on the gas with a patented adaptive ankle protection technology from Betterguards, the German start-up called Terrein has developed a high ankle Ascent boot that will provide advanced freedom to hikers while actively protecting their ankles against potential twisting injuries.

Designer: Terrein

The Terrein Ascent is made primarily with the idea to reduce the risk of ankle injuries in adventurers. The adaptive ankle support – touted to be three times more responsive than a human reflex – can reduce the risk of injuries and provide constant support to the ankle. Moreover, the Ascent is made to increase stability with its immaculate construction (we’ll talk about it a bit later).

The hydraulic ankle protection system is fastened to the outside of the ankle and wrapped around with a Velcro-enabled strap. This system integrates a piston – called adaptor – which safeguards against twisting. It triggers in (extends and retracts instantly) only when needed to protect the ankle from twisting, otherwise, the piston works naturally allowing stability to the foot like the ankle support in a premium basketball shoe.

Terrein Ascent is the first viable adaptation of the Betterguards’ system which is likely to find its way into the NBA soon. The adaptive ankle protection piston is likely to make its way into basketball sneakers through the NBA’s Launchpad tech incubator program. So, in addition to allowing hikers to regain their footing quickly, the tech is likely to support the ankles of basketball stars soon.

For its construction, which gives an air of mystery to the Ascent; the boot features a breathable laced upper on a responsive cushioned PU midsole. The outsole comprises high grip rubber and a deep lug design for maximum traction. This all-weather silhouette combines natural freedom of motion with adaptive ankle protection to provide outdoor enthusiasts the independence to explore the wilderness without thinking about physical or mental restrictions. This facility is for now limited to hikers in Europe only, as the shoe – now available for preorder – will be developed specifically for the European market initially.

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