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Humanity has given birth to dozens of bright minds and creative designers, but few, if not none, will ever claim to have surpassed the grand and almost miraculous designs of nature and the universe. From the intricate and fragile snowflakes to the majesty of the mountains to the grandeur of heavenly bodies, there is an almost endless richness of beauty to inspire designers. Many have indeed tried to recreate the unparalleled beauty of natural objects and forms, some more successful than others. This wall lamp, for example, might not resemble the moon in accurate detail, but its adjustable light perfectly recreates the ethereal glow of the moon against the night sky right inside your house.

Designer: Simay Tokus

Unlike the sun, the moon’s light isn’t blinding even at its brightest. More importantly, however, its shape and light changes over time, going from full brightness to complete darkness and back again. For millennia, the moon has always been a symbol of mystery, magic, and enchantment. These are pretty much the same images that will come to your mind when you gaze upon the gentle light of this wall lamp.

Named after the Italian word for “full moon,” Luna Piena tries to recreate the changing light of the moon as it changes its phase in an elegant and non-literal way. For example, the wall lamp is a ring rather than a full circle, and only the upper half of the ring actually holds the light. The lower half is the control interface, using a ball on a rail system to indicate the intensity of the light. Move it to the right to dim the lamp, then move it in the opposite direction to brighten the light.

The choice of marble for the lower half of the Luna Piena is intriguing and a stroke of genius. The marbling is almost reminiscent of the imperfect yet beautiful surface of the moon. The effect of light on the marble’s surface creates an enchanting aura that brings the beauty of natural stone into focus. In a way, it’s a poetic reference to the juxtaposition of a heavenly body against an earthly material, combined in harmony to create a beautiful whole.

Luna Piena is quite a creative interpretation of the phases of the moon that doesn’t get hung up on faithfully recreating the waxing and waning shapes of our planet’s satellite. The effect is a lighting fixture that effectively conveys the bewitching beauty of moonlight while also enthroning the elegance of natural materials like stone. Whether it’s at its brightest or turned off, the wall lamp becomes a striking piece of wall decor that will elevate the ambiance in any room.

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