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There always comes a time when we wish we had something sharp on hand, especially when we’re out and away from our desks and toolboxes. Sometimes we need to cut a string or cord to open a package, or we want to slice a piece of fruit to share with a friend. Sometimes, we might even need a knife to carve out a chunk of wood outdoors. Pocket knives have become part of some EDC collections for that very reason, but while some can do the job, few can help you accomplish your task smoothly and quickly. Even fewer look as sharp as their blades, making them feel like tools you’d be embarrassed to be seen with. Fortunately, something like the Tekto F2 Bravo tactical knife exists, delivering not only a sharp tool that deploys quickly but also a stylish piece of equipment you’d be proud to flaunt.

Designer: Tekto Design

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Lightweight – The F2 Bravo weighs only 2.4oz (68g) and comes in two different handle materials best known for their lightness and extreme durability, Forged Carbon and G10.

Pocket knives are great for carrying around, whether in actual pockets or in bags. Their compact forms save a lot of space, but they also come with some drawbacks. Folding knives, in particular, can take a bit of time and effort to unfold, costing precious seconds in an emergency. Their bearings can also get rougher and more rigid over time, making it more difficult to deploy the blade.

Ceramic Ball Bearings – The state-of-the-art ceramic ball bearing mechanism allows the F2 Bravo to deploy the blade rapidly and smoothly with the utmost ease.

The Tekto F2 Bravo, in contrast, uses a state-of-the-art ceramic ball bearing mechanism that ensures smooth and speedy movement each and every time. This mechanism doesn’t degrade quickly or at all, so the knife will always be a pleasure to use. When you’re in a hurry to cut something, the last thing you need is to struggle with the very tool you’ll be using. And when you don’t need it, a discreet liner lock keeps the blade safely tucked away after closing it.

Titanium Accents – With its custom pivot, machined clip, and milled spacer, the F2 Bravo exemplifies a premium, high-end feel that uniquely matches the look and feel of the knife.

It’s almost impossible to believe how powerful the F2 Bravo is when you hold it in your hand because of its weight. That is thanks to the use of materials best known for their lightness and durability, specifically forged carbon and G10 steel, for the handle. The drop point blade is made of D2 steel, known for its long-term sharpness, while the pocket clip is made from highly durable titanium. All these speak to the knife’s strength and durability, but the F2 Bravo is more than just another sharp tool in your everyday carry.

With a machine clip, a custom pivot, and a milled spacer, the F2 Bravo exudes a premium quality you won’t easily find in many folding pocket knives. The crisp lines and intricate details also give it a character, not unlike a dapper secret agent that can cut their way through any problem in style and with a flourish. And it isn’t just all looks, though, because the recessed liners also provide an improved grip and comfort when you do need to get down and dirty with the task at hand. Why settle for a plain pocket knife when you can have a premium-looking and smooth-operating EDC blade with the Tekto F2 Bravo for only $139.99. And with the special Yanko15 code, you can even cut 15% off that price tag for an even more irresistible deal.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $139.99 (15% off with Coupon Code “Yanko15”). Hurry, the deal ends in 48 hours!

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