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There’s a famous Jerry Seinfeld bit from the late 80s that really hits the spot. “They’re manufacturing millions of pens… I must have bought 6000 pens in my life, I’ve used maybe two of them”, the comedian says, ending with the most important question of our time. “Where’s the rest of them??” They’re in landfills, Jerry. They’re either lost under the seat of your car, behind your desk, or in a landfill. The reason this happens is because single-use pens weren’t designed to have a good design or memorable user experience. They’re only made for convenience – a price that the planet finally pays. Deviating from that approach, the ADD-APT pen’s wonderful design gets you to adopt and adapt to the idea of changing for the better. The pen’s form looks nothing like any other pen you’ve seen. It’s elegant and eye-catching, and comes with a replaceable refill design that’ll make you hold onto the ADD-APT for ages. Another little-known detail is the fact that the ADD-APT is made entirely using 3D printing – a process that dramatically reduces the waste created by the pen’s production process!

Designer: Richard Ward

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The ADD-APT name comes from its unique design, which adapts to every user’s style. The pen’s artistic form factor has a unique teardrop-shaped cross-section that be ergonomically gripped by both left-handed and right-handed users (it even allows neutral and inverted-neutral holding styles), and the notched grip provides the right kind of texture needed to provide a reliable amount of friction without requiring a separate rubber/silicone sleeve for a grip.

Each pen comes 3D printed from tough nylon, and docks a Monteverde D1 ink refill in the hollow top of its otherwise unibody design. The pen’s capped off with perhaps one of the most eye-catching caps ever. Each cap is made from cast brass, coated with either gold or platinum to truly make it the crown jewel of the ADD-APT pen. However, this crown jewel has a functional detail too in the form of a tiny hole that lets you grip the pen’s nib and slide the empty refill out before you put a new one in.

Ultimately, as eye-catching, unique, and ergonomic as the ADD-APT is, its sustainability is designer Richard Ward’s prime focus. Mass-produced single-use pens require expensive molds, large factories, and generate a lot of wasted plastic in the injection molding process. The ADD-APT circumvents it all by relying on 3D printing, which generates far less waste and has a much smaller footprint thanks to the fact that 3D printers are much more compact than industrial injection molding machines.

Moreover, the ADD-APT’s beautiful design, coupled with its infinitely reusable nature instantly makes it the kind of pen you’ll want to keep and constantly write with. It’s designed to look beautiful so you don’t accidentally leave it at the bank after signing papers or forget about it in some lone corner of your home. It’s a sheer masterclass in how emotional design can push a user to love and cherish a pen more, making you use it for decades instead of days, and be more sustainable over its lifespan!

Click Here to Buy Now: $74 $84 (12% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!

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