julho 22, 2024

I see a lot of people that get obsessed with having different kinds of mechanical keyboards with different colors, designs, and even sounds. Maybe this is because they spend so much time in front of their computer that they need to be amused or at least distracted by other things in front of them. I understand the appeal although it’s not applicable to me since I use a laptop 99% of the time. This new glass mechanical keyboard from Finalmouse has got me rethinking about getting a PC or using an external keyboard for my laptop.

Designer: Finalmouse

The PC accessory brand has come up with a new mechanical keyboard that will have koi fishes swimming underneath your fingertips and even the Eye of Sauron (a reference lost to non-Tolkien fans) keeping a close eye on you as you work. The Centerpiece Keyboard has animated images underneath the glass that will provide you some much needed distraction as you work or do your homework. These interactive skins are projected at the bottom of the glass keyboard and becomes animated as you work on your keyboard.

Instead of the usual RGB lights that most mechanical keyboards have, you can have swimming kois, ice cracking, lions grazing, cherry blossoms falling, a spaceship flying through the galaxy, a galaxy itself, and other things you might want to see. These are generated through the Unreal Engine 5, a 3D computer graphics game engine. Artists can actually submit their own skins through the Freethinker Portal, a Steam app run by the company where people can download various skins and these artists can monetize their work.

The Centerpiece keyboard uses a Laminated DisplayCircuit Glass Stack with an aluminum chassis underneath. It has its own CPU and GPU so it has enough power to run the interactive skins and not take away resources from your computer. There should also be a knob on the side to control the brightness and serve as your on and off switch, in case you don’t want the distraction of Sauron looking at you while working. There are no other details about the specs of the keyboard but it is definitely something to watch for all the mechanical keyboard collectors out there.

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