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The JSD Mat does what Apple’s AirPower Mat couldn’t do… and more than that, it’s a real, existing product.

It’s the year 2023 and we really haven’t achieved the full potential with wireless chargers. Even today, a majority of wireless chargers can only charge a tiny handful of devices at a time – your phone, TWS earbuds, and smartwatch. For everything else, you still need a cable. The JSD rejects that notion by being an all-in-one charging solution that doesn’t just juice your phone and earbuds, it wirelessly powers your desktop/laptop’s keyboard and mouse too. Designed as an all-in-one mat that sits on your workspace, the JSD can simultaneously charge all the gadgets on your desk. Although it has dedicated zones for your phone and TWS earbuds, the JSD can also actively charge your wireless keyboard as well as your mouse… even while they’re in use! Now that’s the kind of innovation I expect in the year 2023!

Designer: Light&Salt Interactive

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $129 (39% off). Hurry, only 56/100 left!

Two dedicated charging zones for different devices.

Enjoy 18W fast charging without overheating concerns.

Effortlessly charge the JSD keyboard and mouse while using them, even during intense mouse movements.

The JSD isn’t your average desk mat. Sure, it comes with a beautiful vegan leather finish that complements most desk setups… but under the fake leather lies some very real, very impressive technology that lets it charge your tabletop gadgets. The mat can be divided into two zones – the left-hand zone which uses Qi-compatible charging zones for your smartphone and TWS earbuds, and the right-hand zone which uses JSD’s unique high-frequency electromagnetic resonance technology to charge the keyboard and mouse. The mat, justifiably, comes with its own proprietary ergonomic keyboard and wireless mouse, but the beauty lies in the fact that no matter where you place your keyboard or how much you move your mouse, if they’re both on the JSD mat, they’ll wirelessly receive power to keep them running.

JSD keyboard’s 79-key Crys layout allows for better coverage of a larger key area with a single hand.

Unique honeycomb keycaps are designed based on the principles of biomimicry, ensuring high precision and a perfect fit for different finger sizes and typing habits.

The JSD keyboard and mouse form an integral part of the overall experience. Given that you can’t just use any keyboard or mouse and expect them to magically acquire wireless charging powers, JSD designed their own keyboard and mouse to fill that void. The keyboard itself comes with a 79-key architecture and adopts JSD’s proprietary Crys layout, which boasts a shorter vertical distance while still retaining functionality and type-ability. The keys, on the other hand, are honeycomb-shaped, more closely following the circular shape of your fingertips. This allows the keys to be incredibly space-efficient (relying on good old-fashioned biomimicry), while reducing the chances of typing errors because your fingers pressed the wrong keys by accident.

Frozen silent switch for smooth and quiet typing.

Features a magnetic detachable oversized palm rest, supporting the wrist and reducing reverse bending angles.

Under each keycap lies a frozen silent switch which gives you a smooth and quiet typing experience, coupled with a long spring for higher key travel and a much more tactile typing experience that your fingers will enjoy. The compact keyboard comes with RGB lighting, and a magnetic snap-on palm-rest that also doubles as a storage area for the JSD’s key-puller and a few spare keycaps.

JSD receive allows the desk mat to empower certain mice with wireless charging capabilities.

JSD’s mouse shares the same position-agnostic charging feature as the keyboard, i.e., it charges anywhere on the mat, regardless of orientation or movement. The wireless mouse is silent and designed with a comfortable pebble-inspired full-bodied form that fits perfectly into most palms and hands. However, if you’ve got a different set of requirements from your mouse, JSD manufactures wireless receiver discs that fit into a few third-party mice too, including Logitech’s GPW mice series as well as the G503, G703, and G903. JSD’s discs fit right into the Logitech mice, replacing their own PowerPlay charging discs. Once inserted, the mice become compatible with JSD’s charging mat, which powers them infinitely, even while in use… so you’re never left with a dead mouse that needs to be flipped over and charged. Yes, we’re looking at you, Apple.

All in all, the JSD mat adds to the appeal of your desk while subtracting the clutter and the wires. The mat comes with a thin design measuring 28.3 inches (720mm) wide, 12.9 inches (330mm) across, and a mere 0.19 inches (5mm) thick. A control hub sits on the top left corner, which lets you plug the JSD mat into a power outlet using a USB-C cable and a bundled GaN charger. Once plugged in, the mat outputs 30W of wireless charging, with the smartphone mat outputting 18W to rapidly charge your phone. The keyboard comes with a 3500mAh battery built-in while the mouse is equipped with a 300mAh battery, allowing them to work even when the JSD mat is powered off. The keyboard and mouse both have built-in Bluetooth (the mouse has a 2.4GHz receiver too) to wirelessly connect to your device… although if you want, they support wired connections too.

The entire JSD bundle starts at a heavily discounted price of $199 for the first 50 backers, with the price then going to $219 for other early bird backers. A JSD Receiver (for your Logitech mouse) costs an additional $29.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $129 (39% off). Hurry, only 56/100 left!

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