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Japanese studio Quantum is based in Tokyo and was founded in 2016. Since its inception, it has been creating innovative products and services, and one of them happens to be the Wheeliy 2.0 wheelchair. As its name might suggest, the Wheeliy 2.0 is an updated and improved version of Quantum’s award-winning original Wheeliy wheelchair, which was developed in collaboration with medical equipment manufacturer Molten. The 2.0 version promises to be lighter, and easier to use, and has a few updated features up its sleeve to show off!

Designer: Quantum

“Wheeliy 2.0 is a wheelchair that further evolves the concept of the previous model of achieving unrestricted mobility in society,” Quantum said. The 2.0 version was designed to make it extremely easy to use for wheelchair users, as well as the people who push or support them. The weight of the wheelchair has been reduced and amped with simple mechanisms that make operating and moving the wheelchair pretty easy. The wheelchair comes in the eight-kilogram range, making it quite lightweight, and boosting its mobility. Magnesium was used to construct the mainframe of the wheelchair, and carbon fiber for the wheels. This takes off two kilograms from the Wheeliy 2.0, as compared to the original version.

The wheelchair has also been equipped with armrests that function as brakes when they are pushed down, and footrests that can be lifted up effortlessly in a single movement. The yellow accents from the original Wheeliy have been maintained, which makes the wheelchair easier to use for those who are accustomed to using them. The accents guide the users on how to hold, lift, and fold the chair easily.

“Wheeliy 2.0 retains the core design of the previous model, but with an even greater focus on improving comfort when out and about. The design blends in with the city, making you want to go further and creating more comfort for the user and those who support the user,” said Quantum.

The Wheeliy was originally available in 2 colors, but the 2.0 version comes in 4 colors, providing users with a diverse range of options to pick from, allowing them to choose a wheelchair that perfectly matches their personal taste and preference. However, Wheeliy 2.0 has retained its original S-shaped frame and three spokes, in addition to the yellow accents, which are a part of the brand’s identity now.

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