junho 13, 2024

While you won’t imagine any other use of a kick scooter than casual commuting or fun for the kiddos, realms of the concept design world have other ideas.

To cut it short, using kick scooter as a medical emergency responders’ first line of contact with the injured person for the quickest response possible. Quite a valid idea in case of emergencies that occur in places where a four-wheeled ambulance or even two-wheelers cannot reach. For instance; multistorey buildings, crowded malls, shopping centers, or airports.

Designer: Ulises Varela, Sofia Caruso and Ezequiel Garelli

Every passing by minute means a high risk of fatality to the patient and that’s what the Inmed emergency medical scooter aims to tend to. This two-wheeler is stationed inside highly crowded places for the quickest emergency response until the time ambulance or a doctor arrives. The paramedics can utilize Inmed loaded with the vital emergency kit to reach within minutes of any mishap. The scooter has medical items like alcohol, gauze, scissors, gloves, and more to give first aid.

If you notice closely, the kick scooter has a stable platform with a place to keep the feet parallel, well balanced apart. This is a vital design revamp since in the rush of the movement, the respondent can go off balance. Also, it means better maneuverability to keep up the required pace in tight situations. The kick scooter is loaded with a 450-watt motor inside the front wheel which is fed by the 36V battery. This lends the vehicle a total range of 20 km on a single charge.

Inmed is loaded with a 4-inch touchscreen with all the required functions. On activating the emergency protocol function, the GSP shows the shortest possible route to reach the patient. It displays the battery percentage, current speed, total distance traveled and ambient temperature. To alarm other motorists, the vehicle projects two separate beams of light from the handlebars. The visual design of the emergency kick scooter lets bystanders make way to prevent any delays.

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