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If there was ever an inclusively-designed timepiece, this one’s probably it. Made to cater to quite literally everyone, the VOICE GRUS timepiece looks like just another haute mechanical watch. However, push-buttons on its side reveal a few other tricks that most smartwatches could only dream of. Press them and the VOICE GRUS can do a variety of things, like narrate out the time, the date, the weather, or even tell you if the room you’re in is lit up or dark. Designed for a broad audience that also includes the visually impaired, the VOICE GRUS has 6 language settings built-in, along with a GPS module that automatically corrects the time to match the time zone you’re in. Pretty neat, if you ask me.

Designer: INTEC

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The watch’s design reflects years’ worth of feedback from visually-impaired folk who just wanted a timepiece that made timekeeping easier. You’ve got yourself a large dial with highly-legible numbers that make it easy to read for people with reduced visibility, although it isn’t something that stands out as a ‘disability-friendly’ watch. The dial’s large numerals are a hat-tip to pilot watches, which were designed to be read in a glance, and the minimalist style is a nice touch that reflects the watch’s Swiss-made origins.

When 2H button(the top right button) is pressed shortly, it announces the current time. For 12 hours setting system, it announces AM/PM before time.

When 4H button(the bottom right button) is pressed shortly, it announces month/day/the day of the week.

When 3H button(button in the middle) is pressed and held more than 3 seconds, it announces, “Start setting” and goes to setting volume mode.

It’s common to fall into the trap of describing the watch’s visual details because the visual sense dominates all our other senses… but that’s where the VOICE GRUS watch really stands out. For people who don’t have the luxury of being able to just ‘see the time’, the watch sports two pushers on either side of the crown. Press the upper pusher and the watch narrates the time to you, press the lower one and it tells you the day and date. A GPS chip within the watch automatically corrects the date and time based on your location.

VOICE GRUS comes with two additional buttons that offer functionalities that propel it into smartwatch territory. The crown button tells you if you are in an illuminated space or in the dark. Requested mostly by people with visual impairment, this rather simple feature makes spaces more inclusive for everyone. Wearers can know if the lights are on at home when guests are about to come over, or if they have a pet who needs the lights on. They can even check whether the lights have been left on in a room without manually testing every switch. Being able to make sure lights are off when you leave a room helps save electricity and cut bills. It’s the perfect problem that most of us wouldn’t realize needed solving… but that’s where target-audience feedback makes a world of a difference.

Another button hidden away at the 3H button position lets wearers know the weather. Through simple beeps, the watch allows people to know if it’s sunny or cloudy outside, allowing them to be mentally prepared in advance. Sure, you could ask your smartphone too, but the convenience of having a dedicated button for just the weather on your wrist at all times just makes life a tad bit easier.

The watch runs on a CR3032 battery that gives it a stunning 2 years’ worth of use. The watch warns you when you’re low on battery, and notifications/beeping sounds work even when the battery’s depleted, so you’re never stuck wondering if your watch is low on battery or just plain non-functional. The VOICE GRUS has support for 6 languages – English, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and even lets you adjust its volume. You’ve got black as well as cream/beige dials to choose from, along with the choice between metal link and leather straps. The watches start at ¥67,000 ($525 USD), and begin shipping in April 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $525 $769 (33% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

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