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If you ever find yourself holding one watch in each hand, chances are you can easily tell which one is Swiss-made. The country of Switzerland has perfected watchmaking down to every single screw and spring, resulting in a manufacturing quality so unmatchable, the entire country gets credited for it. Swiss-made watches are beautiful, reliable, but also expensive given that it’s one of the country’s more precious industries. Montoir Watches hopes to change that by focusing on artistry as well as affordability. As a part of the company’s broader ethos, Montoir believes great quality shouldn’t be gatekept by large watchmaking companies with big marketing budgets and high overhead costs. Relying on pure artistry and Swiss craftsmanship, the company’s first watch, the Montoir Dive Watch, sports a design that highlights the beauty of Scandinavian minimalism wrapped with classic Eurocentric styles brought about by Montoir’s obsession with the Swiss Alps down to the French Riviera. The watch is a contemporary masterpiece, with a design that simultaneously feels classic, modern, and timeless.

Designer: Montoir Watches

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The mark of a good dive watch lies in its ability to take on unique sets of circumstances but still perform well. The Montoir Dive Watch is rated up to 200 meters (20ATM) of water resistance, and comes with a clean dial sporting glowing Superluminova BGW9 markings that allow you to read the time even in the pitch blackness of the night or the deep sea. The watch sports a minimalist body crafted from 316L stainless steel, on top of which sits a 120-click rotating bezel. The bezel holds a top hat double-domed sapphire crystal in the center which gives you a stellar look at the Dive Watch’s clear face.

The face is available in as many as 5 color options, from the standard black or white to even a gorgeous blue or cyan, and a lively orange that still manages to have a classy, universal appeal. Superluminova markings highlight the time not just on the watch face, but also on both the hour and minute hands, letting you clearly read the time even at night.

In true Swiss fashion, the Montoir Dive Watch features a Swiss-made classic Sellita SW200-1 Automatic Movement on the inside. With a 38-hour power reserve, the Sellita SW200-1 is an industry favorite, known for its accuracy, durability, and ease of servicing. Flip the watch over and it sports an embossed back, with relief artistry of a diver, harking back to the watch’s true calling. The watch also sports recycled FKM (fluoroelastomer) straps that boast excellent resistance to water, chemicals, high temperatures, and extreme environments.

Each watch is Swiss-made, which one would assume would play a pivotal role in its price. However, keeping its overarching theme of accessibility at the forefront, the Montoir Dive Watch starts at a discounted $375, making it a wonderful pick for both collectors as well as first-timers. Aside from that discounted price tag, VIP super early bird backers will also get an extra FKM rubber strap as well as an extended 2-year warranty on the watch, which ships globally.

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