abril 23, 2024

On Playa Esmeralda along the southern shores of Samaná Bay, Four Seasons Private Residences Dominican Republic at Tropicalia is where community, nature and a constantly renewed sense of wonder all come together. Originally conceived by the Cisneros family as a private retreat, Tropicalia has been designed to protect the area’s diverse ecosystems and pristine natural beauty.

This harmony extends to the private beachfront residences. Designed by architect Isay Weinfeld, the 25 residences include 16 three- to four-bedroom Beach Flats and nine single-storey Beachfront Villas. “When studying the area – such beautiful nature untouched – it became clear that the project should be spread around in separate constructions and laid sparsely amid the vegetation,” says Weinfeld. Incorporating natural wood and stone, the residences are effortlessly integrated into the surrounding landscape, with layouts that seamlessly blend indoors and out.

Tropicalia’s residents will enjoy a close relationship with land and sea, not only through the variety of nature-driven activities, water sports and opportunities for exploration, but also through the property’s close relationship with the Cisneros family’s sustainable organic farm, La Querencia. “At Tropicalia, everything is in balance,” says Adriana Cisneros, CEO of Cisneros.

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