julho 22, 2024

As part of the partnership between LVMH and Paris 2024, LVMH takes great pride in providing direct support ahead of the Games for athletes whose exemplary achievements make them Artisans of All Victories. The first athlete is swimmer Léon Marchand who, at the age of 21, is among the leading medal hopes for the French Olympic team.

This partnership builds on the active support that LVMH and its Maisons have for many years provided for high-level sports and the most prestigious international competitions. From the creation of numerous trophies to trunks designed specially to hold them, LVMH Maisons have long been partners to the world of sports, spanning a wide variety of disciplines, including tennis, rugby, basketball, soccer and automobile racing.

Five-time world champion and now the new record-holder in the 400-meter individual medley, Léon Marchand has, beyond his athletic skills, captured a global audience through his passion, determination and talent.

Léon Marchand will represent Louis Vuitton as Ambassador for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Inspired by the same spirit of perseverance and excellence that defines Louis Vuitton, he continually sets the bar ever higher in his discipline.

LVMH and Louis Vuitton are delighted to welcome Léon Marchand as Ambassador and Artisan of All Victories.

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