maio 21, 2024

It’s been a while since we have heard news about a new Android tablet. For reasons best known to me, I had started visualizing OEMs genuflect in the iPad shadow. OnePlus has jolted me back to sense, suggesting the obvious: There is still a market and OnePlus Pad is the Android tablet we were waiting for all this while.

The first tablet from Oppo sub-brand, in almost a decade of creating the most compelling flagship killers, the OnePlus Pad doesn’t have a pricing yet but its official and expected to arrive in India, North America, and Europe in April 2023. We had been seeing designers toiling with their iterations of what the OnePlus tablet would be like, and now we have an official idea.

Designer: OnePlus

Since it’s a premium Android tablet, the OnePlus Pad comes with a hardware and software combination to impress. The tablet touts a premium aluminum unibody construction, which ensures the entire contraption skims some fat and weight. The OnePlus tablet measures only 6.54mm at the thickest point and is pretty lightweight.

The tablet’s large 11.61-inch display touts 144Hz refresh rate and a usual 7:5 screen ratio. The Pad is powered by a Dimensity 9000 processor and comes in a choice of 8 and 12GB of RAM. It features an eye-pleasing circular camera array at the back panel, though the company has refrained from revealing the specifics of the unit.

What we are clear about is the battery backup you can expect from the OnePlus Pro. It comes packed with a 9,510mAh battery pack, which should – and the company confirms – offer 12 hours of backup in while binge-watching your favorite series. In normal surfing and light usage, the battery should easily last a day.

OnePlus offers SuperVOOC charging capability to ensure you don’t waste time charging the tablet when you are on the go. Courtesy of the company’s fast-charging tech, the Pad can power up at up to 67W charging speeds. At this speed, the 9,510mAh battery onboard can charge fully in 80 minutes flat.

Designed for reading books, playing games and consuming media, the OnePlus Pad offers Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support. Reportedly, the tablet can work effectively with the OnePlus stylus and company’s magnetic keyboard, which will ideally be sold separately, to create a more tactile experience for work efficiency.

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