abril 23, 2024

Going off the mainstream designs comes with its set of rewards but can be a highly risky strategy if things go south. Carl Pie took the leap of faith and went on to implement his life’s philosophy of being transparent to the radical new line of products under the Nothing brand name.

After the initial chalk-and-cheese response for the hyped, first-ever earbuds and the smartphone, Nothing has worked on its mistakes and come up with the impressive Nothing Phone (2). Over the period of two years, we’ve seen a lot of Nothing-inspired concepts, and to be frank, all of them seem right in place!

Designer: Subhav

Now, to pair your powerful Nothing Phone (2) with a matching power bank, another concept ignites our expectations from the London-based consumer electronics manufacturer. Just imagine the cool vibe of all your see-through gadgets on the desk or in your backpack while traveling. A power bank is an essential accessory and every time you plug your Nothing Phone (2) into the gadget, that sense of unison is unmatchable.

The transparent aesthetics of the power bank display the innards in their full glory and are illuminated by the array of small warm-toned LEDs on the inside. This lends the accessory a diffused light on all sides for a Cyberpunkish look inside out. Creating a power bank makes even more sense for Nothing, given the usability and the no-frills nature of the product. With countless options on the market, a transparent power bank in Nothing’s product line would be another step in completing their ever-growing ecosystem.

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