julho 22, 2024

Like other leading automotive manufacturers’ sustainability is at the top of Nissan’s agenda too. Reason enough for them to launch a series of vehicles at the Nissan Futures event in Yokohama, Japan from February 4th to March 1st.

Our attention however is focused on one right now, the Max-Out all-electric convertible roadster. This Tron-like sports car of the future was initially just a digital blueprint more than a year ago when initially revealed. Now, finally, the two-seater Nissan has come to life for good.

Designer: Nissan

The core idea behind its design is to feel one with the vehicle, bringing a sense of openness by offering a very “enhanced and dynamic” driving experience every time the driver hits the pedal. As far as looks go, the futuristic appeal in the form of a digital landscape is undeniable, but the retro elements balance out the overall personality. The wheels, headlights and taillight have an 80s sci-fi character, while the rectangular front section, side profile, and the interiors have a definitive future-forward design.

There’s a lot of neon blue and neon green used in the exterior and the interior to amplify that hypnotic digital landscape appeal further. The dashboard gets a wide digital screen for seamless multitasking, and the sporty yoke-like steering wheel makes me want to play Overture by Daft Punk and feel the muted electric motor of the Max-Out revving at full blast on a freeway.

That said Nissan hasn’t released any information about the powertrain, electric battery or the probable range of the convertible. Nor is there any word on when this ride will hit the production lines, if it ever does. The only thing marked down y Nissan is that they will create 23 electrified models by 2030 for motorheads – 15 of them will be fully electric. Also, they have a serious vision of a 50 percent electrification mix along with the Infinity brands in the ending phase of the decade.

So, we are looking at a probable situation where the elements of Max-Out will be in some way or another other implemented in a production version. Still, it is good to imagine we’ll have roofless electric cars with steering wheels and normal aesthetics – not something that’s straight out of a creative designer’s pipedreams!

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