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After Ergostone’s runaway success last year, the company is back with the Ergostone Pebble, a smaller version of its heating sleeve. Designed as a compact, more versatile ‘pouch’, the Ergostone Pebble is just as user-friendly as its longer sibling. Its core consists of a fine-grained sand from soapstone, a unique natural mineral that gives the product exceptional heating and cooling properties to comfort any part of your body. The tactile soapstone sand inside its smooth shell of silicone, lets the Pebble softly conform to your body, while still retaining its heat or coldness.

Designer: Victor Ström

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Hot and cold therapy every day, wherever you are.

Instant aid for sports injuries, and long-term rehabilitation treatments.

The Ergostone Pebble is perfect for people looking for instant relief after a tough day at the gym, or after long strenuous hours sitting in an office chair. Its ability to be used as a hot or cold compress makes it uniquely multifunctional, helping relieve sore muscles and cramps, boost blood-flow, undo muscular knots, soothe bone injuries, or just keep you warm or cool. The compact form factor is perfect for heating in your microwave or fridge, for carrying to work, or just keeping in your travel bag for trips. The pebble-shaped form and flexible outer shell make it comfortable to place on any part of the body… more so when combined with an add-on strap that lets you secure the Ergostone Pebble to your shoulder, knee, etc.

The Ergostone Pebble is not your typical water-filled or gel-filled product. Instead, it comes filled with fine sand made from soapstone. Soapstone, known for its exceptional thermal-retention properties finds itself extensively used across Scandinavian culture. The folks behind the Ergostone build on these properties, infusing the soapstone sand into a compress or pad that can be conveniently heated in a microwave or regular oven, or cooled in a freezer.

Ergostone sources its soapstone from an old disused stone mine, putting the healing properties of the Scandinavian mountain quite literally in your palms. The soapstone sand is encased in a high-quality plastic-free silicone sleeve that’s comfortable on the skin, easy to clean with water or soap (or hand sanitizer), and is even recyclable. The Ergostone Pebble can directly be placed in the microwave or the oven to heat it up, or stashed in the freezer to chill it. It’s built to last too, as the soapstone sand on the inside retains its thermal properties indefinitely, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the Pebble for many decades to come, in effect, echoing the principles of sustainability. Designed and made in Sweden, the Ergostone Pebble is a typical example of the modern Scandinavian design tradition of combining functionality with minimalistic forms with inspiration from the Nordic nature. The Ergostone Pebble starts at a discounted price of €65 ($70 USD), or you could grab a pair for €130 ($140 USD).

Click Here to Buy Now: $70 $120 (40% off). Hurry, only 8/30 left!

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