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The enormous success of the Metamorphosis Series gave birth to another unique creation – the Metamorphosis Center Table. As a Luxury Furniture, the Metamorphosis experiences new unexpected design techniques, and noble finishes through a meticulous artistic process

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Metamorphosis Center Table

Creativity has been part of Boca do Lobo’s purpose and creative’s DNA. Breaking creative boundaries and being able of getting better at every step of the journey is what moves our designers and talented artisans to create luxury furniture pieces.

luxury furniture in a living room

According to Boca do Lobo’s quality signature, Metamorphosis embodies handmade techniques such as wood carving, metal cutting, hammering, and polishing, executed by some of the best craftsmen in the country!

metamorphosis center table - luxury furniture

Representing the final stage in the cycle of life, Metamorphosis Luxury Furniture is not the last design for this out of ordinary line, but the living proof of our permanent craving for evolutionary pieces and exclusive design.

Just like happens in nature and in the universe, in the design world, “nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes”.

metamorphosis center table - luxury furniture

This luxury furniture is composed of two fragments, finished in mirror and noble marble and beautified by the presence of golden creatures that are prepared for their ultimate metamorphosis.

metamorphosis center table - luxury furniture

One module is composed of a glass box which envelopes 3 gold plated elements of 2x scorpion and 1x pollock beatle, laying in a base of gold plated brass.

metamorphosis center table - luxury furniture

The second module is composed of a marble box over a wood structure, a gold plated base.

A unique product for those who have a peculiar taste for limited edition pieces and conceptual designs!

Stay with us to discover more Luxury Furniture!

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