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Multitools have gotten really creative over the past year and it’s been one heck of an adventure seeing what EDC-builders are coming up with each day to make their tools stronger, more functional, and hyper-compact. There’s usually a trade-off somewhere in those three categories – you can either have a compact tool that has a few core features, or a chunky multitool that has every instrument conceivable under the sun… but PRYTIUM surprisingly doesn’t make that trade-off. With its tiny form factor that makes carrying it a breeze, and its titanium construction that gives it the kind of durability you wouldn’t get from your average multitool, PRYTIUM is a spry, feature-packed little device that will do anything from open a can of beans to fix your bicycle for you. With 14 different tools packed into an EDC that’s just 127mm (5 inches) long and 30mm (1.4 inches) wide, PRYTIUM is the perfect accessory to have on you at all times…

Designer: G.S.G

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PRYTIUM’s 14 different features cover a wide array of use cases. It has your standard bottle opener, pry-tool, and can opener, but also packs a few utility tools like a hex driver, nail-file, scalpel blade, and a tungsten-carbide glass breaker for emergencies. Whether you’re sitting at home, stuck on a dirt road with a broken bicycle, camping in the outdoors, or stranded on a desert island, PRYTIUM’s veritable catalog of features always ends up being useful.

Can Opener – An underrated tool for all camping trips.

Bottle Opener – An essential tool to prevent broken teeth & fingernails.

Nail Puller – Playing the pull out game with those pesky rusty nails.

Prybar – Splits stuff into pieces.

4mm Bit Slot – 4mm screw bit slot for PH2 & CR-V2.

1/4″ Bit Slot – The standard 1/4 inch screw bit slot.

1/4″ High Torque Bit Slot – Need extra torque for your 1/4 inch bit? PRYTIUM got you covered.

The Grade-5 titanium construction plays a pretty pivotal role in PRYTIUM’s usefulness. A lot of its features rely on a durable build that won’t break, bend, or get damaged during use. PRYTIUM’s body features a bottle opener that also works with cans, alongside a wedge-shaped tip that lets you remove nails as well as use the EDC as a prybar. The bottle opener’s cutout features a hexagonal profile that makes it double as a high-torque 1/4″ hex bit, while another slot on the back lets you mount your hex bits for a more traditional regular-torque application. Got 4mm bits? Another slot in PRYTIUM’s body lets you slide a 4mm bit in for more intricate work, and there’s even a dedicated compartment to store as many as 2 hex bits with your PRYTIUM, allowing you to carry them with you.

3″ Ruler – A great tool for last-minute sketching and map measurements.

Nail File – When you need a good grinding of sharp edge items.

Tungsten Glass Breaker – A savior tool you might need in a life-or-death situation.

Rechargeable Hyper Glow – Illuminates brightly and can last up to 7 hours.

Ceramic Bead Locking – Engage PRYTIUM’s razor-sharp blades with just a click.

Every edge and corner of PRYTIUM’s body is utilized to the best of its ability. A flat edge on one side has engraved metric and imperial markings, letting you use your EDC tool as a scale for measuring as well as drawing straight lines. One of the flat surfaces of PRYTIUM’s body doubles as a nail file, while a hyper glow (strontium aluminate) component right above it glows at night, offering 7 hours of luminescence when recharged under sunlight. A tungsten carbide glass breaker sits on the extreme end of PRYTIUM’s body, allowing you to shatter even reinforced laminated glass (like the ones in cars) with a single strike, and every EDC’s magnum opus, your PRYTIUM comes with a fold-out blade-holder with a ceramic bead lock that lets you mount any standard surgical blade onto it for cutting through boxes, leather, paracords, branches, and more.

10 Interchangeable Blade Types – Versatile blade mount that can accommodate 10 different design utility blades for different jobs.

Slicing multiple materials.

Slicing through 3mm thick wood board.

Instead of relying on a robust titanium fold-out blade, PRYTIUM makes the clever choice of employing removable surgical blades that you can swap out every now and then. Made from carbon steel, these blades find themselves on scalpels, making them dangerously sharp and good for everything from opening boxes to whittling wood. The fact that PRYTIUM’s blades are replaceable allows you to choose from as many as 10 different surgical blade shapes/styles (depending on what kind of cutting work you’re doing), and also lets you simply ditch old blades as they wear out for newer ones, increasing your EDC’s lifespan while decreasing the maintenance required of sharpening blades. The removable blades also allows your PRYTIUM to be TSA-friendly, allowing you to travel with your EDC simply by ditching the blade part and carrying only the titanium tool with you.

Deep Pocket Clip – Slim & light, you won’t even know you’re carrying it.

Each PRYTIUM features a deep pocket clip that lets you slide it right into your pants or a slot in your backpack, along with a lanyard hole in case you want to string your EDC around your neck or secure it on a carabiner attached anywhere – a feature enhanced by the EDC’s low 84-gram weight (2.96 ounces). While it has its own hyper glow module (which charges via bright light or UV), the PRYTIUM’s body also features two slots for Tritium vials, allowing your EDC to be visible (and functionally distinguishable) even in pitch darkness.

You can choose your PRYTIUM in a variety of colors – from the nude titanium finish to a PVD matte black version to even a psychedelic multicolored anodized variant (that’s due to unlock soon as a campaign milestone perk). Each PRYTIUM is built to last a lifetime (thanks to its robust G5 Titanium construction) and starts at a discounted $106 USD with the PRYTIUM multitool, a 4mm PH2 screw bit, a 4mm CR-V 2 screw bit, and three No.11 size utility blades included in the box.

Click Here to Buy Now: $106 $130 (20% off). Hurry, only 39/150 left!

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