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Often times we confront the difficult question of what size can a tiny house be without breaking the law? Generally, tiny house builders understand their limits and build within the permissible 30 feet length and 8.5 feet width to ensure their towable homes are road legal in most US states.

Then some builders take the ‘leap of space’ – case in point MitchCraft Tiny Homes – to construct tiny houses that go a couple of feet beyond the acceptable limit. Of course, you get little extra space but you are expected to seek permits to tow such a home around the US.

Designer: MitchCraft Tiny Homes

MitchCraft Tiny Homes has been custom-building tiny homes since 2015. Lisa 30 x 10 Tiny Home is its latest bespoke creation that given its 30ft x 10ft dimensions, trickles a tad from the permitted towable limit and would need a license to be roadable in the US.

Besides, Lisa tiny home is a miraculous mini home that takes living tiny to a lux-infused high. With a distinctive exterior (green, wood and stone finish) that beats around the rustic norm, the tiny house has a spacious interior. Those two feet beyond the permitted limit make a lot of space inside for the occupant’s advantage.

On entry, you step first into a living room precisely laid out with a sofa. On the opposite side is a table and a porthole-style window right above it. The common area also features an electric fireplace to cozy things up inside. Despite the petit size, Lisa accommodates two bedrooms: master bedroom is on the ground floor complete with a double bed, work desk and storage. A small ladder on the other side of the tiny house, leads you to the second bedroom in the loft above the bathroom, which opens into a small balcony.

Like a typical tiny house, the ladder to the loft bedroom is packed with additional storage space, while the room itself has a low ceiling and can sleep a couple. The kitchen adjacent to the living room is equipped with a propane-powered four-burner stove, a fridge, and microwave. It is furnished with a lot of storage cabinets, a pull-out chopping board, and a sink. Bathroom alongside is furnished with a toilet, a shower, and a washer and dryer section. If you don’t mind laboring a little for permits, Lisa should be your SUV’s perfect companion for a weekend getaway.

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