junho 13, 2024

It doesn’t quite have the iMac’s Center Stage yet, but it’s getting there…

Is it just me or does it feel odd that desktop monitors don’t come with built-in webcams? I mean, how difficult is it to just put one in there?! Well, it seems like the folks at Lenovo were asking themselves the same thing before they designed their latest range of ‘ThinkVision VoIP Monitors’. Made for the modern workforce, these displays are perfectly optimized for the virtual workplace. They come in 3 variants, ranging from 23.6-inches in size to 27 inches, and an IPS display with a 75Hz refresh rate. Depending on the screen size you pick, you’re treated to either a 1080p panel or a 1440p panel, but the screen isn’t the ThinkVision VoIP Monitor’s most impressive feature, it’s what’s right above it…

Designer: Lenovo

The upper bezel is capped off with a camera module that turns the display into a teleconferencing unit that works directly with any laptop or desktop setup. The module features a 5MP camera with an infrared (IR) lens plus a separate RGB lens and privacy shutter, while the ThinkVision VoIP Monitor also houses built-in dual microphones with environmental noise cancellation and two integrated 5W speakers that offer a seamless teleconferencing experience. In fact, the ThinkVision VoIP Monitors are so focused in their effort to make video-calling and virtual collaboration effortless that the displays also come with a dedicated Microsoft Teams button, as well as volume controls and a mute feature for your microphone built right into the monitor’s design as a hardware detail.

Lenovo takes the ‘made for the modern workforce’ bit rather seriously, as each monitor also comes with a ‘traffic light’ that turns red when the user is on call, alerting people around that they’re busy, a ‘sitting’ reminder that alerts them when they’ve spent too much time in front of the screen, and a distance warning that tells them to back off when they are sitting too close to the monitor! ” These next-generation ThinkVision VoIP monitors also include human detection and light sensors for automatic screen adjustments and are among the first devices to achieve Eyesafe® Certification 2.0 with natural low blue light technology”, Lenovo mentions. Each monitor is finally capped off with a built-in hook for hanging headphones, and a notch in their base to vertically dock a smartphone.

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