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  • Developed by Automobili Lamborghini’s Centro Stile specially for Korean super sports cars enthusiasts
  • Inspired by the rich Korean culture; incorporating elements from the republic’s flag as well as patterns and colours from traditional Korean windows
  • Limited edition of 2 units in Korea; highly exclusive for discerning collectors to own naturally-aspirated V12 super sports car

Seoul, 12 August 2021 – Lamborghini Seoul unveils the Aventador S Roadster Korean Special Series: the two V12 super sports cars in an ultra-limited edition only for Lamborghini enthusiasts in Korea.

The Aventador S Roadster Korean Special Series are jointly developed by Automobili Lamborghini and Lamborghini Seoul, dedicated to Korean customers for their enthusiastic support all this while.

Centro Stile, the design center of the Automobile Lamborghini, has led the design of the limited edition V12 model with the aim of creating a symbolic model that connects the spirit of Korea and Italy, and completed a design that are inspired by the rich Korean tradition and unique beauty.

The exterior distinctively showcases the primary two colours of Korea. The Green Ocno symbolizes ‘warm Korean sentiment’ and the Blue Emera symbolizes ‘intelligence and wisdom’. The interior colour of Bianco Leda, which symbolizes ‘the white-clad race’ – meaning the national spirit of Korea. Thanks to the white interior, the Aventador S Roadster Korean Special Series stands out in contrast between the exterior and interior.

On the front bonnet, left and right door panels, and rear fender, feature the patterns of the Korean traditional windows – criss-cross of both vertical and horizontal lines. Furthermore, the engine room features the two trigrams of the Korean flag – Geon and Gam – instilling a sense of patriotism among Koreans.

The Aventador S Roadster Korean Special Series is combined with the charm of the naturally-aspirated V12 engine and the open-air driving pleasure. Accelerating 0-100km/h in just 3.0 seconds, while 0-200km/h acceleration in just 9.0 second with a top speed equal to that of Aventador S Coupé at 350 km/h. It can also brake 100-0 km/h in just 31m. Its 6.5 liter V12 engine outputs the same 740 hp as the coupé, with 690 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm. Its power to weight ratio is 2.2kg/hp.

Francesco Scardaoni, Regional Director for Automobili Lamborghini in Asia Pacific said: “We are excited to introduce the highly-exclusive Aventador S Roadster Korean Special Series to Lamborghini enthusiasts in Korea. This special series further highlights the importance of the Korean super sports car market for Lamborghini. Featuring design elements that symbolizes the rich Korean culture and heritage, it definitely stands out and inculcates a strong sense of national pride when it’s on the Korean roads.”

Frank Steinleitner, Representative Director of Lamborghini Seoul, said: “Together with Automobili Lamborghini Centro Stile, we have uniquely developed the Aventador S Roadster Korean Special Series that are made exclusively available only for Korea. The entire development process from conceptualisation to production has been an enriching one and we look forward to introduce more special edition to our discerning clients in Korea.”

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