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Adelaide, 4 March 2019  –  Lamborghini Adelaide opens its brand new showroom and service facility marking a new chapter of partnership with Zagame Automotive Group. The new Huracán EVO marks its local debut for the first time in Adelaide.


Located strategically at 269 – 275 Glen Osmond Road, connecting the Adelaide city centre with the Adelaide Hills via the South Eastern Freeway, the new showroom is a 3S centre of Adelaide automotive belt and incorporates Lamborghini’s revamped corporate design that spans over 343 m2 (3,692 sq ft). It also reflects the need for increased space as the company expands its model line-up with the market launch of its new Super Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) last year.


Mr. Matteo Ortenzi, Chief Executive Officer at Automobili Lamborghini Asia Pacific says: “Lamborghini is strong and highly-acclaimed worldwide, and our new dealership environment is a very tangible demonstration of this. We are committed to building a solid dealer network that clearly communicates our brand to loyal and new customers in both our image and how we operate. Together, Lamborghini Adelaide will strengthen our highly-acclaimed brand by delivering an unparalleled customer ownership experience  and our dealer partners are investing in a bright future together. Moreover, with the debut of the Lamborghini Huracán EVO, it certainly marks another milestone for the brand. This showcases the start of product upgrading in the new year, and the brand strategy to simultaneously develop super sports car model lines as well as the Super SUV.


Mr. Michael Winkler, Chief Executive Officer at Zagame Automotive Group says: “We are delighted to be appointed the custodians for Automobili Lamborghini in Adelaide. We are well credentialled to establish Lamborghini in the South Australian market given our success over the last seven years as the official Lamborghini dealer in Melbourne. We have selected a strong local team of professionals for Lamborghini Adelaide who are in tune with the local supercar market and understand the emotional drivers of the Lamborghini brand.”


The new showroom exteriors are instantly recognizable by the illuminated Lamborghini shield on a black background that glows at night. Inside, the space is bright and clean, characterized by polygons, sharp forms, raw surfaces and a diffusion of light and color.


There are also opportunities for customers to literally ‘touch and feel’ the world of Lamborghini: a client lounge that includes a car configuration system to guide the customers through specifying their Lamborghini; product and Ad Personam areas that provide samples of exterior and interior finishes, allowing customers to physically touch and play with combinations of colors and materials, such as soft leathers or the appearance of carbon-fiber.


An area dedicated to Accessori Originali displays aftersales enhancements allowing customers to explore product features. The Collezione Automobili Lamborghini range of clothing and accessories has also a dedicated area in the showroom.


In addition, the state-of-the-art service facility reflects the need for increased space since the introduction of Urus to the model line-ups. With Zagame Automotive Group, the official dealer for Automobili Lamborghini in Adelaide, Lamborghini customers are well taken of. With the factory-trained technicians who have a wealth of experience and using latest factory diagnostic equipment and up-to-date technical and computer software information, customers enjoy peace of mind while their cars undergo scheduled servicing and maintenance.


To commemorate the momentous occasion, distinguished guests included Automobili Lamborghini Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific Mr. Matteo Ortenzi, along with Zagame Automotive Founder and Managing Director Mr. Bobby Zagame, Zagame Automotive Executive Director Mr. Adrian Zagame and CEO Mr. Michael Winkler.


The new Lamborghini Huracán EVO

The Huracán EVO features the 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated Lamborghini V10 engine, uprated to produce higher power output and an emotional and powerful sound, with Titanium intake valves and refined lightweight exhaust system. The Huracán EVO outputs 640 hp (470 kW) at 8,000 rpm with 600 Nm of torque delivered at 6,500 rpm. With a dry weight of 1,422 kg the Huracán EVO reaches a weight-to-power ratio of 2.22 kg/hp, accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and from 0-200 km/h in 9.0 seconds. Braking from 100 km/h to 0 is achieved in just 31.9 m, with a top speed of more than 325 km/h.


The Huracán EVO features new Lamborghini rear-wheel steering and a torque vectoring system working on the four wheels, while at the heart of the car is the new feature of Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata (LDVI): a Central Processing Unit that controls every aspect of the car’s dynamic behaviour, fully integrating all of the car’s dynamic systems and set-up to anticipate the next move and needs of the driver, interpreting this into perfect driving dynamics.


The distinctive design defines the aerodynamic superiority and enhanced driving dynamics of the Huracán EVO. A new front bumper gives the car a low, assertive personality, but more importantly assures aerodynamic efficiency via the front splitter with integrated wing. The enlarged air intakes feature the Ypsilon shape that is inherent in Lamborghini design DNA.


The side profile of the Huracán EVO is articulately dynamic, featuring Lamborghini’s hexagon design references in the windows, the new wheel design and around the new side air intakes.


It is at the rear of the car that the Huracán EVO most distinctively evokes the power and dynamism that lies within. Reflecting the wide, open, naked rear seen in its race-car brother, the twin outlets of the new sports exhaust system are positioned high up in the car’s rear bumper. At the upper end of the tail an integrated, slotted spoiler provides enhanced air flow, clearly asserting the car’s aerodynamic abilities.


The Huracán EVO’s aero competency continues with the underbody, which has been shaped to maximize aerodynamic efficiency: the new integrated aerodynamic styling of the Huracán EVO improves downforce and aerodynamic efficiency more than five times over the first generation Huracán.


The presence and purpose of the Huracán EVO resonates throughout its design, but also in the notes from its exhaust, with a super exhaust sound reflecting the increased power and dynamic abilities of this latest Lamborghini.


A new 8.4” HMI capacitive touchscreen, located in the centre console just above the start button, puts connectivity at the driver’s fingertips, with multi-finger gesture control. Governing car functions including seats, climate and the status of the LDVI system in real-time it also puts all infotainment, such as Apple CarPlay with smartphone integration, at the cabin occupants’ disposal. A multimedia system incorporates connected navigation and entertainment including web radio and video player. The intuitive interface allows voice commands and puts the driver in touch with Siri.


The Huracán EVO is presented in Arancio Xanto, an iconic new Lamborghini four-layer color. New 20” Aesir rims, dedicated to the EVO, are complemented by Pirelli P Zero tires.


Inside, the Huracán EVO is a luxurious driver’s car. The interior features a dedicated new EVO trim in Alcantara and leather mix, with Arancio Dryope details matching the body tone.


The new sporty and elegant trim, features a number of bi-color and trim options as well as a highly sportive Alcantara option. Lightweight materials such as Carbon Forged Composites and Lamborghini’s patented Carbon Skin are available on request, and are highlighted by the new customizable ambient lights feature within the cabin.


Both the exterior and interior of the Huracán EVO are designed to maximize the specification possibilities, with several new options such as a wide range of Style Packs in shiny black and body color as well as Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program, which offers virtually limitless opportunity for owners to customize their Lamborghini.


The new Lamborghini Huracán EVO will arrive in Australia in Q3 2019 and retail car base price starts from AUD 459,441 (including GST).


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