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Everyone has different needs and requirements from their travel carries. Some people want space while others want compartments, some prefer large bags while others like the idea of smaller segregated carry-packs, some pack their entire wardrobe for a weekend holiday while others travel light. It’s difficult to design one single product that satisfies all these varying needs, but the SwitchUP does a pretty good job walking that fine line. With a 3-in-1 magnetic modular design, the SwitchUP features a spacious duffle bag and a compact shoulder backpack magnetically attached to its side. Together, they can be carried as a single unit but if you want, they split apart into separate bags that can be used independently while traveling. The duffle offers a large 40L storage capacity that’s filled with unique features like a detachable magnetic laundry bag, a separate shoe compartment, and pockets/pouches galore for all your belongings. Snapped to its side is a removable backpack with 10L of storage. Perfect for your essentials, the backpack can either be attached to the duffle, or carried independently as your outdoor travel bag. It has two integrated bottle holders, a hanging hook that makes it easy to access, and a removable drawstring pouch that you can store wet clothes in for trips to the pool, beach, or the gym. Whether you pack heavy or light, the SwitchUP’s modular design lets you carry everything you need. The overall 50L design is spacious enough to conveniently pack large and small items, and integrated compartments prove to be handy if you like segregating your belongings. The SwitchUP’s modular design can be carried on your back, across your shoulder, or even attached to your travel case as you rush through the airport (with a carry-on compliant size that lets you even use it as cabin luggage). Aside from being spacious, the bag also saves you big bucks, giving you two feature-filled bags for a respectable sub $150 price tag.

Designer: Harpz

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Convertible – From a 50L duffel to a 10L backpack in moments.

Modular – The patent-pending modular system allows you to transform your bag from big to small in seconds.

The 3-in-1 bag gets its status from the fact that it can be carried in 3 different styles. A secure magnetic fidlock system lets you attach the backpack to the duffle, giving you a single large carrying case that you can either carry in your hands using the handles, or wear on your back like a large rucksack. However, if you want to distribute the weight, the backpack detaches from the duffle, and can be worn on your shoulders while you hold the duffle in your hand. This third method is effective during air travel, allowing you to check-in your duffle, or carry it as cabin luggage, thanks to its compact cabin-friendly size. The backpack becomes a personal accessory, staying with you while you travel and fitting underneath your seat.

Smart Packing System – There is a place for everything and everything in its place.

Multiple Configurations – Their packing cube solutions allow you to create multiple storage configurations to fit whatever you need.

Collapsible Pocket – The water-resistant pocket can fit a range of shoes and boots.

The SwitchUP’s hero is its 40L duffle, which is as functional as it’s spacious. The internal storage is accessed by a wide clamshell flap, letting you pack pretty much anything from clothes to sporting equipment, tech gear, or anything else you’d need to pack. Compartments on the side are perfect for things like toiletries, accessories, and other small items, and a padded quick-access side section is wide enough to store your laptop. The bag’s main storage space can be used independently or with companion packing cubes that let you segregate your belongings into 4L or 8L modules (perfect for clothes, suits, etc.) A separate shoe-storage area lets you carry footwear in the bag without having it touch any of your other clothes, a kangaroo pouch on the front allows you to carry bulky items like basketballs or volleyballs, and the duffle also comes with its own independent laundry bag for separating fresh clothes from the worn ones. The bag features handles that let you carry it just like regular duffle, or a set of shoulder straps that let you wear it on your back instead. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort, and are designed to be removable, so they can attach onto the duffle’s sidekick, its companion 10L backpack.

The Perfect Carry-on

The 10L backpack can either be worn either as a single-strap sling, or on your shoulders as a double-strap compact carry-around, or can be attached to the side of the duffle as a convenient all-in-one solution. A uniquely secure magnetic fidlock system lets the backpack snap onto the side of the duffle like it were a MagSafe accessory. Except, unlike MagSafe, SwitchUP’s fidlock system also uses a set of elastic tethers, making it incredibly secure and difficult to remove/detach by accident. The 10L backpack is perfect for day-travelers, commuters, and for carrying the bare essentials during flight-travel. It easily fits a 13” laptop or a tablet, your headphones, and a bunch of other items inside. Bottle-holders with hoodies on the side let you carry water around, and a removable drawstring pouch lets you store wet clothes or towels, making the 10L backpack perfect for carrying to the beach, pool, gym, or sportsground.

Versatility aside, the SwitchUP’s also made to be a reliable travel companion. The entire duffle + backpack arrangement is made from 840D ballistic recycled polyester fabric, with a 100% waterproof ripstop inner lining and durable, industry-leading YKK zips. Aside from being weather-proof, the bags are sufficiently theft-proof too, with the fidlock system letting you secure your backpack so that nobody steals it, and the carry-on handles on the duffle prevent the zips from being opened while you’re not paying attention.

SwitchUP’s modular approach uniquely makes it the kind of bag that appeals to pretty much any traveler. It adapts to your needs, whether you want to travel light or carry in excess. You can either store your belongings together or segregate them into compartments and packing cubes… and the SwitchUP even lets you separate your shoes from your clothes, and your dirty laundry from your fresh garments. The 3-in-1 carry system makes it easy to either have all your belongings in one cohesive package, or split into two for easily carrying around. Moreover, they can be used independently too, giving you two bags for the price of one… at a 40% discount, no less!

Click Here to Buy Now: $145 $249 ($104 off). Hurry, for a limited time only!

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