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Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich is hit with more bad news than his yachts are hit with waves these days. The tides have turned against the Chelsea F.C owner so severely that the billionaire had to plead his Hollywood and US power broker friends to lend him $1 million to keep him afloat as authorities freeze his assets and bank accounts. The loan he is requesting from his famous pals is not to throw yet another lavish party or for another superyachts but the Russian oligarch needs $980,000 to help him pay his staff. Following the invasion of Ukraine, Abramovich has been hit with sanctions from the US and EU.

A helicopter lands on the Eclipse yacht. Via Youtube / @Luke [redacted]

The sanctioned oligarch needs to spend a staggering $785,000 per week to maintain his staff. The Russian tycoon has once made news for boosting his security staff to create a 40-strong ‘private army,’ making him one of the best-protected tycoons in the world. It was also cited Abramovich boasted 20 bodyguards in Britain, employed to protect him for jaunts on his yachts, trips to Russia, and stays in his overseas properties. All these luxuries dont come cheap, and this is just the beginning.

The Solaris lights up in the night.Via Youtube / @SuperYacht Times

Owning a $600 million megayacht like Solaris doesn’t come without a long list of bills. The Solaris superyacht flaunts 48 cabins across eight cascading decks and is the most expensive custom-made superyacht ever built. Its upkeep alone requires no less than a crew of 60.

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Then there is the 550 feet long Eclipse superyacht divided into nine decks. This goliath demands nothing less than a crew of 100 present onboard to look after guests and maintain this elegant schooner. It features one main helipad on the front, a swimming pool, 77 square meter gym, beach club, beauty salon, tender garage, and deck Jacuzzi. Since news of Amroamovich’s sanction broke out, Chelsea has already begun partially laying off staff. However, that doesn’t seem to be helping Roman Abramovich as he has approached Hollywood bigwigs like Rush Hour director Ratner and the Rothschild family (Rothschild family’s net worth is over $500 billion).

Interiors of the private Boeing 787 jet. Via Kestral aviation.

No one is thought to have agreed to give him the money. A source shared with Page Six, ‘Roman is asking some of his closest powerful friends to let him borrow $1 million. He says he has never missed payroll for his staff, which is $750,000 a week, and with his assets frozen, he can’t pay his people.”

Brett Ratner with Salma Hayek. Via Instagram / @brettrat

The source added, “He has reached out to Hollywood producer and director Brett Ratner and the Rothschild family, among many others, for money, but – while they are good friends with Roman – they have not agreed to give him money because either they do not have that in liquid cash, or moreover, it is not clear what are the repercussions under international law.”

Along with star studded parties, Abramovich’s beloved Eclipse yacht has also hosted a bevy of celebrities and personalities. Via –

They say, ‘In good times, your friends get to know who you are; in bad times, you get to know who your friends are.’ All those lavish New Year’s Eve parties on the Caribbean island of St Barts aboard Eclipe yacht with performances by several prominent artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Eyed Peas, and even Lady Gaga were no avail. The billionaire splurged $2.9 million on Lady Gaga for a 90-minute concert to entertain his crème de la crème cliques.

Roman Abramovich. Via Instagram / @hrfutboll

For now, Abramovich is occupied with keeping his assets afloat; and making himself useful by engaging in peace talks to end Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. His earnest efforts may help unfreeze all he has built over the years.

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