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Hanging in mid-air between two mountain ridges is scary; there are no two ways about it. However, if the idea is not threatening, but rather adventurous to you; Dubai-based Ardh Architects have created a city of hanging pods in the mountains of Sharjah you can explore in all sanity.

You may have heard about glamping on the rock face or maybe seen the cliff-hanging glass hotel? Spending a night, hanging from a cliff a few hundred feet from the ground, is an experience only for the rock climbers to avail.

Designer: Ardh Architect

So, what if you’re a casual traveler who wants to stay and experience dangling from a cliff? The Hanging Retreat is your destination to live amid nature, suspending mid-air between two mountains of Sharjah.

Each hanging pod at the Hanging Retreat has a see-through triangular design (which suspends from a bridge connecting the top of two mountains overlooking a common valley) and comes pre-equipped with all essential amenities. This provides a luxurious experience in a remote location, unparalleled by any means. Away from the city life – deep in the middle of the mountains – this serene and tranquil property is developed by Ardh in collaboration with Sharjah’s Investment and Development Authority, Shurooq.

From within the see-through walls (and ceiling) of the hanging pods at this Sharjah retreat, there is just so much to see happening outside. To make certain this abundance of nature is not a distraction, Hanging Retreat puts you up and personal with the natural beauty of the region. The management can organize trekking and cycling tours or local interactions to raise environmental awareness and to help guests learn about the heritage and culture of Sharjah’s mountains.

If you have dreamt of going out for a unique experience that you’ll never forget; a trip to the Hanging Retreat can make for that extreme adventure with friends or family. And when you head forth for the overwhelmingly picturesque getaway, do not forget to carry your camera!

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