abril 23, 2024

While Apple fans are eagerly waiting for the next suite of products from the Cupertino giant, Android users have also got the premium Pixel launches to look up to at the Made By Google event in October. Apple’s event is happening next week, and Google obviously wants to build anticipation of its flagship phone and smartwatch to spice up things.

To the same accord, Google has given a sneak peek of its second-generation smartwatch almost a month ahead of the official launch on October 4, which is kind of strange but most probably triggered by Apple’s upcoming event. In a short video released by Google, the Pixel Watch 2 looks eerily similar to its predecessor with some little differences.

Designer: Google

Some of these variations include a new crown design, the inclusion of an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, and a radical-looking sensor array. If you already own the Pixel Watch, playing the video a couple of times will reveal the rectangular optical sensors inside the pill-shaped array, compared to the EKG electrodes housing on the original smartwatch that came last year.

The second generation Pixel Watch has a more contoured form factor with a bit smaller LEDs. If we take into consideration all the rumors and leaks that have surrounded the upcoming Pixel line-up, then the sensors mentioned above should be the Sense 2 continuous electrodermal activity sensor. That should explain the circular design of the watch. Also, if we go by the leaks, then the EDA sensor for stress monitoring should be a certainty.

Coming on to the crown, it is now more coherent with the display screen, compared to the Pixel Watch which had a clear distinction in the form of a cut-out. What will come loaded on the inside is anybody’s guess at this point in time but the smartwatch is expected to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Plus mated to the Samsung’s Exynos chipset.

If the Pixel Watch 2 teaser already tickles your fancy then the New York event followed by pre-orders for the smartwatch should be marked on your calendar already!

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