abril 18, 2024

If you’ve never had the urge to slip in a towel or soft linen from your hotel room, you’ve got to be lying. And in acknowledging these quirky desires of its guests, Melbourne’s Prince Hotel will now let you steal your favorites without guilt. Confused? Read on to know more.

As part of its novel package, the hotel, in partnership with a bunch of local brands like Grown Alchemist and Cultiver Linen, will provide a host of goodies in your hotel room that you are encouraged to steal. Yes, you read that right.

As part of the ‘Steal The Suite‘ deal, guests can loot Cultiver robes, tote, and linen sheet set: valued at over $1,000, Grown Alchemist toiletries: valued at over $200, Marloe Marloe ceramic vases: valued at over $300, Hommey cushions and towels: valued at over $350, a selection of wines from Mitchelton Wines: valued at over $150, and a minibar filled with decadent charcuterie from Little Prince Wine.

Commenting on it, hotel manager Ben Chan said, “We have seen some guests go to extraordinary lengths to smuggle items out of their hotel room, so we decided to expose this guilty pleasure and let guests steal items that are truly worth it.”

Noting further, the hotel, in a statement, added, “At The Prince, you could never overstay your welcome. In fact, we want you to put your feet up, open your bags, and home on in. Delicious debauchery, utter self-indulgence. We’re inviting you to a one-of-a-kind stay at The Prince, where you leave with more than you came.”

In addition to the stealable products worth over $2000, guests will also receive the regulars like shampoos, bath products, and a chocolate bar. The ‘Steal The Suit’ rooms at the Prince Hotel are currently available for $999 a night until May 31, 2022. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

[The Prince Hotel]

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