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We call this time of the year Techtober because of all the new technology that releases around this season. New iPhones, new Apple Watches, new Pixel hardware, and if we’re lucky, some hardware from Meta, Nothing, Microsoft, Amazon, and Samsung. Techtober is great because suddenly you’ve got an entire catalog of new phones, watches, tablets, TWS earbuds, and other tech to choose from… but from one gadget enthusiast to another, it’s just as important to buy great charging accessories to go with your new gear too. Instead of relying on your old charger to juice your new device, here’s a conclusive list of great chargers and charging accessories from the folks at ADAM Elements. Whether it’s 2-in-1 charging docks, MagSafe gadgets, or power bricks running on cutting-edge GaN technology, this list has them all. So if you’re on the market for the latest phone or watch, make sure you’ve got a cutting-edge charging accessory to match your new tech!

Mag 3 Magnetic 3-in-1 Foldable Travel Charging Station

You’ve got compact chargers, and you’ve got the Mag 3 – perhaps the smallest, most utilitarian 3-in-1 MagSafe charger for your iPhone, AirPods, and even your Apple Watch. Designed for portability, the Mag 3 has a foldable design that makes it fit right in your pocket (imagine fitting 3 chargers in your pocket), making it the perfect pick for travel enthusiasts. The entire device is made from metal, giving it a slick, robust overall appearance that supports/docks all your gadgets with ease.

Whether you prefer your iPhone charged vertically or horizontally, the Mag 3 ensures a secure magnetic connection, allowing seamless messaging and video viewing. Plug the Mag 3 into an outlet and it outputs up to 20W across all its charging zones, allowing you to simultaneously charge your iPhone, AirPods, and even your Apple Watch… and don’t worry, features like Foreign Object Detection and Over-current Protection keep your devices safe while they’re juicing up.

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Mag 4 GaN 30W 4-in-1 Power Charging Station

For people looking to pack power into a petite product, the Mag 4 packs a GaN semiconductor that allows it to deliver high power outputs in a compact design. Although slightly larger than its predecessor, it does pack much more power with an output of 30W and the ability to charge not 3 but 4 devices concurrently, while being compact enough for your office desktop, nightstand, or living room side table. The GaN charging brick features a flip-open wireless charging top that lets you magnetically mount your iPhone on it (activating Standby Mode in the process) while revealing yet another charging dock for your AirPods right underneath.

The Mag 4 additionally offers two more ports (one USB-C and one USB-A) to plug your devices into, letting you charge other gadgets you may own like an iPad, a Nintendo Switch, or your headphones. The GaN construction manages power efficiently in a compact design, while the Mag 4 itself has a slew of safety features from overheating and surge protection, to an overall fire-resistant design that keeps your gadgets protected. Additionally, a 3-year limited warranty makes it a reliable choice for powering your devices.

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OMNIA CX2 Magnetic Charging Car Mount

The coolest car-related Apple thing after CarPlay, the OMNIA CX2 is a nifty MagSafe car charger for your iPhone. Working with iPhones 12 and above, the OMNIA CX2 ensures your iPhone snaps in place effortlessly thanks to the MagSafe ring, initiating up to 15W of fast charging on the go.

The CX2 boasts a compact design crafted from Zinc alloy, and even features a built-in LED light for night-time visibility. Whether horizontal, vertical, or angled, your iPhone stays in place, charging, while you navigate the roads. Additionally, the overheating protection ensures safety for both your device and vehicle, making it a reliable companion on any journey​.

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OMNIA M2+ MagSafe 2 +1 Wireless Charging Station

The OMNIA M2+ MagSafe 2 +1 Wireless Charging Station is not just a regular charger, it’s a minimalist powerhouse that charges as many as three devices at the same time. Armed with an incredibly slick design, the OMNIA M2+ occupies a tiny amount of real estate on your tabletop surface, but can simultaneously juice your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. A 15W MagSafe charging hub on the top lets you effectively snap your iPhone either in landscape or portrait and have it charge immediately (iOS 17 will even allow the iPhone to go into Standby mode while it charges).

Right underneath it is also a dedicated charging mat for your AirPods, with a 5W output, and a USB-C port on the side of the M2+ lets you hook an Apple Watch charger to complete your charging setup. The OMNIA M2+ is MFi certified, which means it charges your gadgets at the highest possible wattage for a true fast charging experience, handling them all together in one elegant solution.

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OMNIA A1+ Apple Watch Magnetic Wireless Fast Charger

Although paired best with the M2+, the OMNIA A1+ is a highly compact Apple Watch charging puck that’s about the size of an AirTag. Tailored to Apple’s MFW standards, this diminutive yet powerful gadget fast charges your Apple Watch Ultra and S7/S8/S9 Series. Plug it into a powered USB-C port, and the strong magnet ensures your watch is securely in place for an optimal charge. Its compact design makes it a great accessory to have with you on the go, along with a PU strap that lets you attach the A1+ to a keychain for easier convenience.

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