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An immersive book that transcends the ordinary realm of property, inviting you into a world of opulence and luxury. It encompasses a diverse array of design inspirations in the Middle East, from meticulously crafted residential and hospitality ambiences to intricately detailed children’s rooms. Discover this Dream Houses book.

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Modern Classic Villa in Riyadh
luxury living room with two grey sofas, one curved, two grey armchairs and a center tableluxury living room with two grey sofas, one curved, two grey armchairs and a center table

A truly magnificent villa, located in one of the most coveted and fast-growing environments in the world, the grandiose Riyadh. Set in the otherworldly landscapes of the luxurious Riyadh, the villa was designed by Karim Abdul Muttalib, from K. A. Interior Design.

High ceilings provide this modern classic dining room on a grandiose scale, allowing every masterful piece to breathe. There is a very contemporary feel to the decoration, using mostly monochromatic tones on the finishes and the fabrics, leaving the gold to crack over the aesthetic of the room to become the epitome of luxury to this project ultimately.

luxury master bedroom with a black headboard and two black and gold nightstandsluxury master bedroom with a black headboard and two black and gold nightstands

Using very sober colours throughout the fabrics and textures of the bedroom, leaving jaw-dropping moments for the lighting, details, and other accessories. A room that sets itself a bit apart from the overall aesthetic of the open space bedroom, becoming a much softer, cleaner, and calmer area in terms of aesthetics. Leaving behind the marble and other opulent elements, and switching them for wooden panels and cream tones to provide a soothing experience.

A Majestic Retreat in Dubai, UAE

When we think of luxury we think of exclusivity and lavish features, with custom-designed details and unique pieces. Lately, a house has become more and more the extension of one’s personality. It’s how we express ourselves, and how we want to welcome our family and close friends.

And even though the definition of luxury and dream house can change according to one’s idea of uniqueness and style. Everything is still taken into consideration when creating a space, from the floors to the walls to the faucets in your bathroom, everything counts when we want to show who we are through our design.

Following the open-concept lines of the decor, the living room transitions into the dining room, maintaining the same characteristics and aesthetic. As part of the project, the dining room is one of the stars of this elegant and artful interior design. Every piece is unique, exclusive coexisting as a masterpiece both individually and together.

Fulfilling this elegant room, the neutral and patterned Couple rug from Rug’Society works very well in the interior design geometry and helps to bring warmth into the luxury closet needs. The master wardrobe design has a central lounge area with two statement armchairs, covered in brass, giving the space an authentic and luxurious style.

A Palace in Saudi Arabia

If architecture and interior design is to be truly defined as an art form, this is it. The stunning new palace was designed by UDesign Architect Studio in Saudi Arabia. The goal was to create a large-scale private residence that would have elements of a luxury hotel and family home.

The idea was to create a feeling of entering a luxurious hotel whilst still being a family home and giving the vibe of an art gallery, all together in one home. A space that can be for entertaining and socializing with guests but also comfortable and practical.

It is not just about the furniture, it’s about the walls, the sculptures, the lighting, the art, the water, and the natural elements that will allow you to experience and appreciate all those different layers of textures and materials.

The floor-to-ceiling hand-sculptured mosaic pillars add grandiosity. It is not about one specific style it is about a whole combination of different cultures, ideas, traditions, textures and materials to create a unique and original concept.

Luxury Villa in Jeddah

The name Jeddah evokes thoughts of sunny days spent on the beach, opulent yachts, opulent beachfront resort hotels, and nights brimming with the glitz and excitement of a jet-set destination for millions of people around the world. The designers of this project know how to combine classic elements with modern architectural styling and sleek contemporary interior design works extremely well, even if it requires more creativity and know-how.

A place for family dinners, homework and dinner parties, the dining room has the potential to be one of the most frequented rooms in your home if you get the design right. This dashing dining room is the coolest in this house, bringing all the colours, textures and materials to the table. Once more, marble is present in the form of an exquisite dining table that can’t leave anyone indifferent, Pietra Oval XL Nero Marquina Dining Table.

Going to another living room, we can see an incredibly sophisticated sitting room with more sober tones, maintaining a pop of colours like green and violet, colours that we can easily associate with Jeddah’s lifestyle and landscapes.

Most Loved- Modern living room, green armchairs and white sofa, gold lamps, round gold mirror, white and black carpet and gold coffee tableMost Loved- Modern living room, green armchairs and white sofa, gold lamps, round gold mirror, white and black carpet and gold coffee table

Your master bedroom serves as your haven. It is important to think about the interior design of your room because it’s a private and intimate environment that is the answer to all of your sleeping and relaxing needs. By sticking to a neutral colour scheme, such as white, cream and grey, you can up the feeling of luxury. Besides this feeling, this space looks cosy and warm.

High-End Lebanese Penthouse

This Artsy and High-End Penthouse by Sarah Habib is an elegant project that puts together contemporary design with classical art forms and structures. The famed interior designer and 3D artist worked together with Zan Architects and created a luxurious project with an artistic touch. Every single room of the interior is a beautiful example of real estate architecture, that mixes classical lines with boldness from the colour pallet.

Entering the dining room, it is visible the matching of luxurious furniture and masterful artwork. Combining an avant-garde approach with classic and emblematic lines, Nº 11 features remarkable craftsmanship and embodies the richest metalwork techniques from which skilled artisans built their reputation throughout the years.

In the stunning living room, following the concept of the whole interior, there’s a gorgeous juxtaposition between contemporary design and the classful essence. Being the central space of the project, the designer needed a focus statement piece like the Navarra Center Table by Boca do Lobo. This design piece creates the perfect mood.

Opulent Villa in Cairo

This is a space where the boundaries between living and dining dissolve, giving birth to a seamless and resplendent amalgamation. Here, Boca do Lobo explores an open space area where aesthetics and functionality intertwine to create a captivating ambience.

As you enter this open spaceyour senses are immediately greeted by an ethereal, luminous atmosphere. The walls, meticulously decorated with the boiserie technique, serve as the perfect canvas for this masterpiece of interior design.

Adjacent to the living area is the dining space, a realm of opulence and grandeur. At its heart lies the Newton Dining Table, a resplendent vision in white and gold. Its intricate design and sumptuous materials make it a symbol of refined taste and sophistication. Surrounding this majestic table are chairs that echo its splendour, their golden frames and plush cushions adding an extra layer of elegance.

As the sun sets, a transformation takes place. The Newton Suspension Lamp, a sculptural piece in itself, casts a soft, golden glow that bathes the dining area in a warm, intimate ambience. The interplay of light and shadows creates an enchanting dining experience that is as much about aesthetics as it is about nourishment.

Abu Dhabi’s Luxury Penthouse
New York Penthouse - An Artful Experience Curated By Boca do Lobo Studio (10)New York Penthouse - An Artful Experience Curated By Boca do Lobo Studio (10)

Any Abu Dhabi’s Penthouse is expected to have a statement-making entryway, to welcome guests most luxuriously. To achieve such an amusing ambience choosing the right design pieces, patterns and style is key. 

luxury modern penthouse demands an even more luxurious and over-the-top welcoming space. This opulent environment is surrounded by a monumental marble wall that pairs the gold accents with the beautiful finishes of the design pieces.

New York Penthouse - An Artful Experience Curated By Boca do Lobo Studio (7)New York Penthouse - An Artful Experience Curated By Boca do Lobo Studio (7)

Neutral tones are used to combine multiple design concepts into one cohesive ambience. Seemingly a simple style, this dining room is filled with unique furniture pieces which are far from ordinary.

Setting the mood can be a tricky task, but music is almost always the answer. In such a refined interior design project, no detail is left to chance, so a collectable edition grand piano is a must. To enjoy a smooth and gathering atmosphere, the Imperfectio Armchairs provide a soothing and relaxing corner.

It’s time to get inspired by these Dream Houses to create your own!

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