abril 23, 2024

Look around your house and tell me if you’ve got a printer at home. Yeah, your own printer. The 2D kind that takes sheets of A4 paper and spits out printed emails, docs, and tickets. No, right? A stunningly large percentage of people just don’t own their own printer because it’s so much easier to get a printout locally than to own the machine. Unless you’re required to print every day, you don’t need to own one… and that’s exactly the strategy that the folks at Xometry believe in. You shouldn’t need to own your own 3D printer either. On the off chance that you want to print a prototype of a product for a special project or client, or if you want to make a one-off design or gift for someone, you can just go to Xometry instead.

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Based out of Maryland and operating globally, Xometry has a network of over 10,000 CNC manufacturers, 3D printers, molders, and more. All you do is access their online dashboard and use their Instant Quoting Engine and you can choose from a variety of services, materials, and finish qualities. The dashboard instantly spits out a quote and a delivery timeline, saving you the hassle of worrying about printers, filaments, acetone baths, and all those extra steps associated with making prototypes.

Xometry’s unique global network and dashboard make it an Amazon of 3D prototyping. The company simplifies the prototyping process to a handful of steps and gives you exactly the kind of quality you need, going from basic single-color prints to even providing prints with as many as 600,000 colors (including those from Pantone, RAL, HEX, and CMYK libraries). Its PolyJet printers allow it to replicate a staggering variety of materials using 3D printing. Unlike extrusion or SLS printers which have their own limitations, PolyJet printing gives you micron-level control over textures, resulting in impeccable surfaces. Xometry’s PolyJet technologies also allow it to print in color, layer by layer. This makes it easy to replicate a whole catalog of materials, textures, and finishes. You can replicate woven fabrics, wood grain, and even elusive granite or marble finishes that are tricker than you’d think. While most 3D printers focus just on 3D forms, Xometry’s PolyJet printers dive deep into the details of replicating textures and colors too, giving you a prototype that looks rubbery, satinesque, glossy, or wood-finished, with different parts showcasing different materials. The best part? Xometry prints and ships the parts right to your door, often within days, making the process as smooth and convenient as ordering a part from an e-commerce website.

Xometry offers its services to a wide range of professionals, including designers, architects, automotive specialists, engineers, planners, artists, decorators, and culinary specialists. Their 3D printing services are even favored by larger companies like Bosch, BMW, Dell, General Electric, and NASA who use Xometry’s platform to quickly prototype ideas to perfection without investing heavily in 3D printing equipment. After all, unless you’re a hobbyist or a small business that 3D prints every single day, you shouldn’t need to own an expensive 3D printer… just the same way you shouldn’t need to own a car when you could just Uber instead. Visit Xometry’s website to upload your 3D models and get an instant quote today!

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