junho 13, 2024

To mark Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, the Dior Spa Cruise is moored at Port Henri IV in Paris. Guests are invited to embark on the stunning Excellence, a Paris Yacht, for an extraordinary cruise on the Seine from July 3-14.

The Dior boat offers a unique opportunity to reset fitness and beauty on an even keel while enjoying views of Paris’ most beautiful monuments. The circuit glides past the Statue of Liberty on the tip of the Ile aux Cygnes, Notre Dame cathedral, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.

Two types of well-being cruises are available, featuring five programs tailored to guests needs and desires:

  • Detox: an essential reboot to eliminate toxins, get back in form and set off on a fresh start.
  • Balance: a restorative break to regain equilibrium and both look and feel completely balanced again.
  • Reverse-aging: a youth and longevity treatment promising complete relaxation for the skin and mind.
  • Relaxation: a liberating excursion to let go and release the mind.
  • Power: a journey to help guests center themselves and regain vitality and self-confidence.

The Dior Spa Cruise promises a special moment on the waters of the Seine, a memorable, exclusive and private journey, a magical break for peak luxury and serenity.

Reservations available at dior.com





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