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Hermès, renowned for its luxurious leather bands designed exclusively for the Apple Watch, has been an embodiment of sophistication and style for years. But with Hermès taking down all Apple Watch bands from its website, ahead of Apple’s iPhone 15 and Watch Series 9 launch event on September 12, the question on everyone’s mind was whether the partnership with Apple was coming to an end.

Long-time Apple Watch partner removed all mentions from its website as information of Apple planning to effectively phase out the use of leather from its watch bands – because of its climate impact – started doing the rounds. Now that Apple has launched the new iteration of its Watches, the tech giant’s move seems little of a dealbreaker for Hermès, as iconic calfskin Apple Watch bands are back up on the marque’s website.

Designer: Hermès

Along with roughly 20 leather band variants for the newly released Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2, Hermès has released a variety of other designs, colors, and materials, promising a quick style update for your wrist. These include four entirely new styles inspired by luxurious textiles paired with the elegant Hermès Radial face, aimed at elevating the Apple Watch’s aesthetics for you.

Among these new Hermès Single Tour and Double Tour bands are options made of knitted nylon and woven nylon, as well as several color choices made of calfskin, as mentioned before. Bridled style Apple Watch band, Bridon, showcases a continuous knit hand-braided into a 3D chevron pattern, available in the option to loop around the wrist once or twice.

For those who appreciate heritage, Toile H is a sturdy yet lightweight band inspired by Hermès’ cotton canvas introduced in 1930. Twill Jump on the other hand features a colorful contrasting border. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Kilim band – a sport band in signature Hermès orange – designed in waterproof soft rubber with a quick-release buckle and interlocking “H” motif is especially for you.

Hermès Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 bands range between $349 to $589, while Hermès also offers watch and band combos ranging between $1,249 and $1,539. All the bands are now available for pre-order and are likely to ship starting September 22.

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