julho 22, 2024

The iPhone 15-era refresh of Belkin’s 2-in-1 BoostCharge Pro MagSafe charger stand is arriving next week, and (right off the bat) it’s a smooth, stylish mix of contemporary sand (or charcoal) elements complemented by a sort of organic minimalism. In a departure from previous Belkin MagSafe chargers, this compact silicone charging stand incorporates soft, round shapes on both the charger base as well as a new flip-up 15W MagSafe pad. That means it can fit in any modern space, like a living room or a bedroom with a lot of similar organic elements, like stone walls and wooden furniture.

Designer: Belkin (via Apple)

The flip-up design on the top pad allows the Belkin charger to show off the iPhone 15’s screen while StandBy mode is engaged, turning your new iPhone into a piece of room decor like a stationary clock. That same design even lets you adjust the angle of the top pad between 0 and 70 degrees, and of course, you can rotate your iPhone to lay vertically or horizontally on the pad itself while the phone charges.

You can stick your Apple Watch Series 9 (or any other fast-charging Apple Watch, like the Ultra 2) on the second fast-charging pad behind the base, and together the whole thing ends up looking like a really elegant piece of art, adding ambiance rather than sitting around like a high-tech paperweight. Its non-slip base can also help keep it rooted firmly in place during an event such as an earthquake — or an accidental collision between the BoostCharge Pro and a household pet.

Belkin’s new BoostCharge Pro MagSafe chargers for Apple’s newest lineup of iPhone 15s (though iPhone 14s also work with it!) are officially set to release on November 7, alongside the all-new Apple M3 computers announced on October 30. In the box, you’ll find an included 5 ft USB-C cable and 30W USB-C power supply to plug the charger into. You can currently view the new chargers on Apple’s web store, where their $129.95 MSRP is already displayed. It doesn’t seem like either the charcoal or sand colorways are pre-orderable at the moment, though more retail options will become available — including, presumably, from the Belkin store — once the charger officially releases on November 7.

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