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Although laptops have been a part of consumers’ lives for decades now, gaming laptops are still a bit of a novelty considering their target audience. You might not think that if you made rounds at CES 2023, though, or at least kept tabs on related news. There is a plethora of new notebooks from major PC makers, all geared toward gaming as well as content creation. Of course, gaming laptops aren’t new, and they even have the stigma of being bulky, heavy, and almost unwelcoming in appearance. This new generation of gaming laptops, however, do stand out from their peers in their stylish designs and especially their sizes, and the Republic of Gamers’ new Zephyrus M16 clearly sets itself apart with an aesthetic that will probably sing to more than just gamers.

Designer: ASUS ROG

Although it is actually an optional configuration, the defining feature of the 2023 Zephyrus M16 will most likely be its AniMe Matrix dot-matrix display on its lid. The brand’s second laptop to bear this rather quirky design, this display allows for a high level of personalization using images, text, animations, and the like. And with a 16-inch size, there’s an even bigger canvas for users to play with in terms of letting their personality shine through their laptop choice.

The ROG Zephyrus M16 (2023) has a design that is both simple yet bold. Intended to look stealthily stylish, the laptop bears a matte black color with an overfiring finish and a fingerprint-resistant surface. The chassis has been polished with ten grinding passes to completely remove any marks left over from the machining process. Those opting to skip the signature AniMe Matrix display won’t feel left out, as a Monochrome Film will be applied to the CNC holes that refract and reflect light in an eye-catching manner. The resulting look exudes an elegance that you won’t easily find in gaming laptops.

As a gaming laptop, the Zephyrus M16 isn’t just a pretty face, though. It is powered by the hottest combination available today, with a 13th-gen Intel Core processor paired with NVIDIA’s strongest GeForce for laptops to date, the RTX 40 series. Not only does this make the laptop excellent for gaming as it was intended, it can also be easily used for heavy work like content creation as well. The laptop is also equipped with ROG’s new Nebula Display HDR, which brings mini LED technology that you’re more likely to hear on TVs than on laptops. With finer control over dimming and brightness, the display promises breathtaking visuals whether you’re playing in a dark room or under bright light.

For all the power and features it bears, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 (2023) comes with an equally powerful cooling solution, which includes Tri-Fan technology, Liquid Metal thermal grease, and Arc Flow Fans with 84 thin curved blades each. At under 2.1kg, the laptop still remains relatively portable, at least for a gaming laptop, giving you the freedom to bring it wherever you go and flaunt that personalized animated matrix display that brings out your and your laptop’s personalities.

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